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Nose Care Products For "Ichigo Hana"

Thu, Aug 11th 2016, 17:39:04

 For anyone studying Japanese out there, you'll probably understand that "ichigo hana" would translate to English as "strawberry nose." But what does "strawberry nose" mean? In Japan, いちご鼻 (ichigo hana), or "strawberry nose" refers to a nose that is covered in blackheads. The blackheads resemble the seeds of a strawberry, which makes the nose look like a strawberry. It's a popular term in the Japanese beauty world to express a person's distressed nose condition.

 We totally understand the feeling of despair that arises from having an "ichigo hana." The clogged, oily pores downsize our beautiful faces. How do these blackheads form? From a clean, healthy state of our noses, we're okay at first. However, after some time, oils, sweat, bad bacteria...all these things lead to clogged up pores. When these horrible substances are exposed to the air, blackheads form, and voila! You've got yourself a strawberry nose.

However, there is no need to fret! You can easily take care of your strawberry nose through the many facial products provided here at J-Subculture! One of the most popular products are nose strips. How do they work? Steam your nose first, to open and relax your pores. Then, apply a little warm water to the nose and apply the strip. Depending on the strip type, the time you leave it on varies, but when the time required is up, gently and slowly peel off the strip. Your pores will be refreshed and free of blackheads! Use this method overtime and gradually you'll be completely clear!

We often think that these kind of beauty products are limited to women, but of course men can use them too! In fact, anyone can use nose strips to clear their nose problems away. Biore offers nose strips specifically for men too!

Even though nose strips are all the rage when it comes to cleaning our noses, there are other products out there that work just as effectively (and sometimes even better)!

There are other products to banish ichigo hana besides nose strips? Like what?

For example, these days the Japanese are using gels that you can apply to your nose! They are far more gentle than their strip counterparts. Apply after cleansing your face, wait for it to dry, then wash it off. Repeat this overtime and your nose will be clear as day!

 Besides strips and gels, you can improve the way you wash your nose by utilizing a cleansing brush in your daily face wash routine! Nose cleansing washes are very popular in Japan because you can feel how your nose has gotten clean upon washing it. Use the brush with your facial care soap and water to create soft bubbles that will cleanse your nose. Work with the brush using circular motions, like so:

 Try a variety of nose care products to see what works for you! We have nose strips, gels, and brushes avaliable here at J-Subculture! Scroll down below to view some products, and say farewell to ichigo hana forever! 

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