Perfect the wink with Dolly Wink!. -

Nov 17th, 16:10:02(JST)

Perfect the wink with Dolly Wink!

Wed, Aug 17th 2016, 15:20:38


Wanna perfect your wink, but your eyelashes won't cooperate? Wanna boost the beauty from your eye makeup? Try on some fashionable, false eyelashes from "Dolly Wink," the line of eyelashes designed by the Japanese model Tsubasa Masuwaka! They are a series of adorable, comfortable, and functionable eyelashes to support anyone out there who'd like more volume to their eyelashes. In Japan, it is so common to use false eyelashes in one's makeup routine. Using false eyelashes increase the look of our eyes, giving us a doll-like look. Long, lush eyelashes are the key to a feminine look. Tsubasa Masuwaka has produced many designs, from sweet looks to daring, sexy looks. There are even natural looks for people who'd like false eyelashes that blend well with their original eyelashes. 


 The overall appearance of these false eyelashes truly imitate actual eyelashes, so you won't have to fret about having an "over the top" look, but rather a dolly one. They are very comfortable to apply and wear-- you'll forget that you're even wearing them! They don't wear your eyes down like other eyelashes. Also, despite seeming fragile, they last a very long time, so you can reuse them! You can now fully enjoy wearing Dolly Wink false eyelashes, because we sell them right here at J-Subculture! Get your favorite pair today, and perfect your wink!

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