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Pure Smile Japanese Art Masks!

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 Pure Smile is a Japanese cosmetics company that sells a wide variety of facial masks. While all of their masks are worthy of high praise for their content of natural ingredients and powerful moisturizing effects, we'd like to specially recommend series of facial masks referred to as "art masks." Through these art masks, you can enjoy amusing, unique designs that reflects cherished parts of Japanese culture, while at the same time, caring for your skin. They're the most popular series! You can gain joy and laughter from these products while improving the condition of your skin. It's a win-win situation! First, wash your face thoroughly. After patting your face dry, apply the mask to your face, making sure to fit it correctly (for the eye holes and mouth hole to be left open for your eyes and mouth). Leave the mask on for about ten to twenty minutes, and feel the results! Your face will feel soft and look bright! To help keep your skin healthy, collagen, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid is included in each mask. Especially for this hot summer, we recommend chilling the masks in the fridge so they'll be cool when applied to the face. Let us introduce a couple funny art masks you can enjoy!:


You yourself can now become a Japanese yokai through this Kappa art mask! This mask is one from the 日本昔話 (nihonmukashibanashi, old stories of Japan) series. This particular mask works to tighten your skin while keeping it bright and smooth.

Ever been a fan of the traditional Japanese doll, Daruma? Now you can be one through the colorful and bold Daruma mask! This mask is from the 招福にっぽん (shoufukunippon, invite good luck to Japan) series. You can wear this particular mask to bring better fortune into your life, while it transforms your dry skin into a pool of soft moisture.

These Japanese-themed art masks are one of the hottest items on the market when it comes to beauty products. They're fun, easy to apply, and do wonders for your skin. Nowadays, people use these masks as party favors and ice breakers. Put on a mask with friends and have your own party! You can find many posts about these masks in SNS, so why don't you gather some friends and take a huge art mask selfie together like these guys?

Scroll down below for the Japanese-themed art masks we have just for you at J-Subculture, and enjoy a fun twist of Japanese culture with these facial art masks!

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