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Proxy Shopping - Plastic Models Tools!

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Earlier today, we introduced you to a site that sells limited edition collectables of Shonen Jump Manga that you can purchase through our proxy shopping service. Now we'll introduce you to a variety of Japanese sites that offer high quality tools for any lover of plastic model kits out there that you can purchase. Keep in mind that our September point campaign will give you back 2% of points when you've made purchases through our proxy shopping service on September 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th. Earn points simply by getting the things you want and deserve here at J-Subculture! 

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As we've mentioned before, there are Japanese sites you can use to find high quality tools and supplies you can use for creating your plastic models. We'd like to show you some examples of the trusted sites out there that offer such items.

If you're a person whose hobby is putting together plastic models, then that gurantees that you're aware of the joys in building such models. In Japanese, we call plastic models プラモデル (puramoderu) and their tools プラモツール (puramotsuuru). The plastic model kits avaliable in Japan come in varying kinds, and there is also a wide range in their tools. Through making plastic models, you can hone your patience and concentration skills, delve in the process of connecting the seemingly random pieces together, and gain the satisfaction of completing the plastic model in the end. In order to be successful however, you need the proper tools that lead you to victory.

Hobby Search1999:


Hasegawa Model Online Shop:

Tamiya Online Shop:

GodHand Tools:

Ogaki Mokei Model:

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