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Proxy Shopping - Photographic Filters!

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Ever had the experience of taking what you thought was your best photo, only to discover it turning out entirely different from what you've expected? We've been there. That's why today at J-Subculture, we'd like to share with all our photography-loving customers some Japanese sites that offer supreme camera lens filters that can't be beat. You can easily have the photographic filters of your dreams through purchasing them with our proxy shopping service.

(what is proxy shopping? check out this link for a detailed article on what it's about:

If you're a skilled photographer, then you'll know about the important of filters. And if you're still an amateur? Better stock on filters fast, because they'll totally change the way you see the world through your camera lens. There are a myriad of camera lens filters out there that produce different, specific effects for the photos you take. Some can reduce reflections, while others enhance colors and sharpen objects in harsh lighting conditions. How can you tell what is best suited for your style of photography? We'll show you some of the goodness that camera lens filters have to offer.

Kenko/Tokina/Slik Online

Close Up Lens for focused pictures:

Soft Filter for producing dreamy effects:


Camera no Kitamura Online Store

① Soft Filter:

② PL Filter:

③ Close Up Filter:


Bic Camera Online

PL Filter for a reflection removal effect:


Remember that our September point campaign is currently going on, which means that the purchases you've made using our proxy shopping service on September 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th will grant you 2% points back with your purchase! If you have any inquiries on how to use our proxy shopping service, please let us know any time, and if you've found your product, just copy and paste its link directly here:

Happy shopping at J-Subculture!

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