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Sunflower Care For Hair

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In Japan, especially in the summer, the levels of humidity are very high. Due to such conditions, our bodies are affected terribly. Our once beautiful, strong hair ends up sticky and droopy. How can we solve this problem?

To answer that question, we have "dear beaute Himawari," a line of sunflower-based hair care products. Who would have known that the answer was held in the closest thing to us, nature? To lead of life of healthier, happier hair, why not try sunflower hair care products? There are many benefits to using sunflowers for our hair...


First of all, Himawari shampoo and conditioner contain sunflower extract essence and sunflower seed oil. Through their rich texture, your hair is completely moisturized and gains balance through the nourishing formulas the two contain. The scent left lingering in your hair should gently remind you of soft sunflowers in sunny day light. No heavy residue is leftover from using these products, and you are left with bouncy, shiny hair. The active sunflower formula quickly spreads throughout the hair strands, providing ultimate coverage and creating the perfect balance between oil and moisture. There are two specific types for you to choose from: "Rich and Repair" and "Volume and Repair."

The "Rich and Repair" series relieves strain from your hair, upkeeping its natural shape. It's perfect for people with tame hair. It produces a rich foam that gently cleanses your hair.

The "Volume and Repair" series brings out the smooth, healthy hair you truly possess. Through fine, light bubbles, your hair will gleam after cleansing it.

 At J-Subculture, we have Himawari hair care products for sale and up for auction. For a life of brighter hair, follow the ways of the sunflowers.

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