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Unzip Letters With Zitte!

Sun, Sep 4th 2016, 11:59:33

 What is Zitte? Zitte is the name of a series of zipper-like masking tape produced by Sun-Star. The Japanese are huge fans of unique stationery, so Zitte is a big hit in Japan. It boasts of creative designs and is proven to be very functional. 

What makes Zitte stand out among the rest is its design. Zitte tapes were specifically made to be opened! Just like pulling down a zipper, you can easily pull the center of the tape you've used to open things like envelopes, paper bags, etc. Some people like to use Zitte for surprises in their letters, such as using the tape to cover words that the reader can only discover by pulling open the tape. Zitte allows its users to be more playful when using their stationery. 

Each tape features a lovely design, such as pretty flowers, simple dots, and of course, a trademark zipper. They have the word "open" or "open here" to mark where one can "unzip" the tape, making the tape even more amusing. Every roll of tape is 22 mm wide and 5 meters long, so you can use each roll for a long time. Why not send a letter to a friend or a loved one using Zitte tape? It'll certainly surprise them. To be able to open an envelope from unzipping Zitte is a delightful experience, like opening presents on one's birthday. You can never go wrong with Zitte tape. If you're a lover of stationery, then you've got to have Zitte tape. Order yours today at J-Subculture! 

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