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GEOMAG - Build into the Endless!

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Discover the fantastic GEOMAG WORLD! Geomag (a combination of the words GEO = earth ball/globe and MAG = magnetic power) is an award winning learning toy line that applies the concept of magnetic and geometric constructions.

Other than traditional building and brick toys, Geomag kits, which consist basically of only 2 main parts with the bar and sphere pieces like shown above, are not self-contained once constructed, but can be expanded and rebuilt into the endless of creations that are only limited by one’s own imagination. This grade of freedom makes the toy line so attractive and also an ideal learning instrument for the youngsters. Geomag playfully approaches the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or short STEM, which enables children to explore shapes and spaces in 2D and 3D geometric forms from an early age onward. This hones their inventiveness and imaginative power that they will be able to apply for various aspects in real life as they grow up. It’s educational and fun at the same time for children as they try to figure out the constructions on their own or with parents.


Geomag is available in different styles with GEOMAG SPIN, MECHANICS, GLITTER as displayed in that same order right above, further there are the WHEELS, BLACK & WHITE, GLOW, PINK, PANELS and the more advanced PRO series. Depending on the complexity grade, Geomag building kits have an age rating of 6+ or 14+ respectively for the Pro constructions here in Japan, but the maker indicates 3+ for most of the kits.

Build cities, elaborate designs, any object that comes to mind or can be found in the daily environment! - Geomag is by all means not only something children want to play with, but actually invites people of all ages to live out their creativity. One can build high and wide, let the imagination totally run free. All the colors and different shapes make it also a stylish and contemporary decoration accessory for indoors. There is no disassembling needed once finished, it can just be left as is and should one get tired of looking at the same shape over time, just come up with new ideas to remodel the construction. Versatile possibilities, unlimited fun with the Geomag hit toy series!

Get your sets via our services with AUCTION, PROXY or REGULAR J-SUB SHOPPING, which are equally endless like Geomag itself!

Disclaimer: The toys are of high quality and meet highest safety standards, however, for smaller children parent guidance in the assembling and playing is advised. The magnetic material is used to a minimum, nevertheless caution is recommended due to small parts leading choking hazard. 

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