Medicom UDF Collection - Your ultra collectible Figure Series!. -

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Medicom UDF Collection - Your ultra collectible Figure Series!

Wed, Nov 16th 2016, 18:54:05

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A world, in which all your favorite CARTOON & GAME characters come together? Then you are at the right place here! Discover MEDICOMS's brillant universe of the highly collectible UDF MINI FIGURES!

Through our J-SUBCULTURE FIGURE PORTAL we have introduced many different kinds of action and collection figure lines and this one should not be missed. The VINTAGE AND MODERN PEANUTS figures we have previously posted. With this article, we bring you now the entire UDF character line-up that consists of well-known franchises like GIANT ROBO, DORAEMON meeting HELLO KITTY, SESAME STREET, MONSTER INC., TOY STORY, SUMMER WARS, THE LITTLE PRINCE, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, SUPER MARIO, LEGEND OF ZELDA (Link) and more, all in a single collection!

UDF stands short for ULTRA DETAIL FIGURE, which all of the character live totally up to with there astounding grade of intracacies. The figure sizes are between 40mm - 140mm, depending what position the figures take (lying, sitting, standing or flying) or how tall the original character to model is, however all the figures are non-scale. These decorative VCD (VINYL COLLECTIBLE DOLLS), are skillfully modelled after their originals and of finest quality. Collectors won't be disappointed with this figure great line-up, which develops ever further only adding to its wide appeal!

Cherish your many precious memories, which you hold of these adored characters as you line them up in your own personal collection. Collect them by theme or simply all of them! If you don't find a partiular one or like to pass a PRE-ORDER, simply let us know. 

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