Detective Conan Dolls!

Sun, Dec 18th 2016, 17:43:41


Detective Conan, or Case Closed is a highly popular manga/anime series known by practically any Japanese person out there, fan or not. It is a detective series about a young, high school detective named Jimmy Kudo (in the English series). Jimmy later adopts the name "Conan Edogawa" to protect his identity after transforming into his younger self, hence "Detective Conan." The realistic, action packed mystery series of Case Closed will always keep you begging for more. Today we at J-Subculture would like to show you some of the Detective Conan goods we have to offer: introducing Detective Conan dolls!

They are chibi-sized versions of your favorite Case Closed charatcers! Besides Conan, we have a Ran doll, Ai doll, and even a Gin doll! The dolls are perfect to collect and display. If you're a fan of the Case Closed series, then seeing these dolls every day is certain to bring a smile to your face!

There are also these dolls on auction. Aren't they adorable? They are ultra chibi versions of Case Closed charatcers lying flat on their stomachs! They are in a kawaii position that will always bring you happiness. Stack them together for a fun display, or have them all in a row in a neat collection!

Solve mysteries together with Detective Conan!

Detective Conan Dolls On Auction

1,280 JPY (3days)
approx 11.38 USD
no bids
520 JPY (8hour)
approx 4.63 USD
3 bids
530 JPY (7hour)
approx 4.71 USD
14 bids
980 JPY (1days)
approx 8.72 USD
no bids
3,880 JPY (7hour)
approx 34.51 USD
no bids
500 JPY (1days)
approx 4.45 USD
no bids
350 JPY (7hour)
approx 3.11 USD
no bids
2,980 JPY (7hour)
approx 26.51 USD
no bids
900 JPY (8hour)
approx 8.00 USD
no bids
1,000 JPY (5days)
approx 8.89 USD
no bids
2,000 JPY (7hour)
approx 17.79 USD
1 bid
680 JPY (7days)
approx 6.05 USD
no bids
300 JPY (7hour)
approx 2.67 USD
1 bid
2,500 JPY (4days)
approx 22.24 USD
no bids
450 JPY (6days)
approx 4.00 USD
no bids
800 JPY (6days)
approx 7.12 USD
no bids
3,744 JPY (7hour)
approx 33.30 USD
no bids
400 JPY (4days)
approx 3.56 USD
no bids
1,000 JPY (3days)
approx 8.89 USD
no bids
700 JPY (8hour)
approx 6.23 USD
1 bid

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