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Apr 20th, 21:43:53(JST)

2015 Manga and Anime Remake Series

Mon, Apr 20th 2015, 11:23:12

It looks like the 2015 is the year of the old and good animes that made some of us fall in love with japanese animation. When I was a kid playing to be Sailor Moon at the School Playground was something all the girls used to do, imitate the Kamehameha was something I remember my friends doing too and also being frustrated because our football matches weren’t as long as the ones in Captain Tsubasa. Perhaps reading my words awaken some of your memories, and others will think that they don’t know what I am talking about. ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

It’s been 20 years since Sailor Moon started being popularize in Japan, and to celebrate that goal, Sailor Moon anime has been remake and bring to live again, with a new image but with the story more faithful to the Manga, the new series are being broadcast under the name "Sailor Moon Crystal".

The story of Sailor Moon and the other guardians reach the heart of lot of girls and boys for a long time, and now is trying to reach the new generation’s heart. With a new musical taking place in Japan new Autumn and a lot of new merchandising, new and old fans have the opportunity the feel again the power of the Silver Crystal. In the official web page of the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary you can find some information and also take a look at some of the merchandising that is being sold in Japan.

It’s true that the Dragon Ball Universe has no end and there are different sagas all connected and developing and making the story bigger. Since last month the Dragon Ball Universe consisted in 18th films, 15th based on Dragon Ball Z, but tomorrow the 19th film will premiere in the japanese theaters continuing the story that Akira Toriyama started with Battle of Gods in 2013, and the new film will be Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection “F”. In the previous film after an epic battle, Freezer was finally destroyed by Son Goku, but was that all? Take a look at the new promotional video and decide by yourself.





Saint Seiya Soul of God is the new anime spin-off of the Saint Seiya universe. It will have 13 episodes and the broadcast date in Japan was the last 11th of April. After the Battle against Hades and giving their lives to destroy the Wailing Wall the 12 Gold Saints reappear in Asgard to fight a new enemy that threatens Asgard; of course all of them wearing new enhanced clothes.

Take a look at the official webpage of Saint Seiya Soul of God for more information!!



Digimon Adventure Tri is the 7th television anime series in Digimon franchise and the second one directly related to the original story. To celebrate their 15th anniversary of Digimon franchise the new serie will start broadcasting next month in Japan. If you look at the promotional image, maybe you will realise that characters look a bit different than in the other series, but in my opinion they look more mature! Take a look at the english site to know more about the new Digimon Adventure Tri and the new promotional video!



Captain Tsubasa Rising Sun is the current series arc from Captain Tsubasa storyline. The new manga is being published now in Japan in the Grand Jump Magazine. Maybe some of you are confused thinking that actually this is a 2014 information, but since the series are in “on going” status, let’s be positives!! The Rising Sun continues after Japanese team being classified to the Olympics in Madrid, the story covers, so far, the Olympic football tournament. The characters are all grown up, after Tsubasa going to Brazil and after that, playing in the Football Club Barcelona and getting married with Sanae.


I'm feeling really nostalgic now because I grow with all of those anime and manga, and I'm not going to lie, I'm feeling a bit old too 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。

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