Rise To The Year Of The Rooster!

Tue, Dec 27th 2016, 12:56:21


As you may know, the year 2017 is the year of the great rooster! The rooster refers to one of the animals belonging to the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac. We also follow this cycle here in Japan. The year of the rooster is called 酉年 (tori doshi) in Japanese. 

With the year of the rooster comes fortuitous results and opportunities. It is the time of a well harvest! People born in the year of the rooster are often said to have sharp intuition, kind hearts, and clear social skills. To greet the year of 2017, we can consider changing our mindsets to become more positive, and take the time to adjust our lives to produce better results in varying fields, such as home life and work life. Every year as the zodiac animal changes, you can see many items that express good luck and well being throughout Japan with the year's animal design. Would you like to follow the ways of Japan and have yourself some rooster-themed goods?

We have a variety of items, from cute ones like pajamas and hats, to lucky charms and novelty items! If you're interested in having your own rooster item for 2017, scroll below for what we have to offer here at J-Subculture! Let's meet 2017 with an open mind and endless positivity! 

Rooster Goods On Auction

11 JPY (2days)
approx 0.10 USD
2 bids
1,000 JPY (10min)
approx 8.89 USD
1 bid
700 JPY (2days)
approx 6.23 USD
1 bid
28,000 JPY (9hour)
approx 249.04 USD
18 bids
2,580 JPY (5hour)
approx 22.95 USD
no bids
600 JPY (8hour)
approx 5.34 USD
1 bid
5,980 JPY (2days)
approx 53.19 USD
no bids
10,000 JPY (2days)
approx 88.94 USD
1 bid
8,800 JPY (2days)
approx 78.27 USD
no bids
3,500 JPY (7hour)
approx 31.13 USD
10 bids
310 JPY (4days)
approx 2.76 USD
4 bids
4,900 JPY (7hour)
approx 43.58 USD
8 bids
650 JPY (7hour)
approx 5.78 USD
no bids
1,300 JPY (8hour)
approx 11.56 USD
15 bids
1,000 JPY (6days)
approx 8.89 USD
no bids
1,000 JPY (2days)
approx 8.89 USD
no bids
4,300 JPY (4days)
approx 38.25 USD
no bids
1,100 JPY (2hour)
approx 9.78 USD
no bids
3,100 JPY (6days)
approx 27.57 USD
no bids
3,300 JPY (1days)
approx 29.35 USD
no bids

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