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Primomo Crayons!

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These crayons will totally catch you by surprise! They're Primomo Crayons! These colorful works of art come in fun shapes and serve great purposes. We'll tell you what makes them so special.

Primomo Crayons come in three different designs: pearl rings, eggs, and flowers. They come in sets of twelve and include an eraser (yes, they are erasable!). The shapes of these crayons make them extra fun to use. They can be used both as art supplies and toys! They smell gently of sweet peaches, a nice accent to their bright features. Also, these crayons are washable, so after using them, simply use water and soap so that they'll be clean again! Children often put things in their mouth, but there's nothing to worry about with these crayons because they're safe. There is so much to love about these awesome crayon sets. Check out the ways you can enjoy them!:

Here are the different kinds of Primomo Crayons:

Primomo Pearl Ring Crayons! Shaped like rings with pearls atop them.

Primomo Egg Crayons! Shaped like eggs you can pull apart and put together.

Primomo Flower Crayons! Shaped like pretty flowers that have edgy petals to draw lines smoothly.

 With so many ways to use them as well as their lovely colors and safe designs, they are extraordinary items that will surprise anyone! We have these crayons here at J-Subculture avaliable for both purchase and up for auction, so if you're interested in these spectacular items, scroll down below! Color your world with something new today!

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