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Sailor Moon Beauty Products!

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We're calling out to all our pretty guardians here at J-Subculture! It's time to assemble to fight crime in justice and style! Today at J-Subculture we'd like to introduce you to a variety of Sailor Moon beauty products. Now, how do we bring out the pretty guardian within us? Let's see what Usagi has to say...

 How can we deny the true words of a top notch pretty guardian? Let's see the kinds of beautiful and kawaii Sailor Moon cosmetics we have. First we have make up powder from the Miracle Romance series.

These make up powders come in such lovely cases that are bound to make your heart race! The compact cases shine in gold and have a design adorned in five colored gems. Within, the powder is a marble mixture of pink and yellow. They control the oils of the skin to naturally balance out its tone, creating a smooth and polished look. You'll look fresh and young 24/7! 


Now we have these eyelashes from the Sailor Moon Crystal Eyelash Pure series! There are five kinds avaliable: Moon (Usagi style), Mars (Rei style), Mercury (Ami style), Jupiter (Makoto style), and Venus (Minako style). Depending on which style you prefer, you can make your eyes absolute pop with energy, or dress them in a sweet and adorable look. Each set of eyelashes bring out the charm in your eyes!

And here we have the twin set of lip creams designed after the transforming lip rods Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus use! They fit in the palm of your hand and glitter brilliantly. Since they're a set, you can use one after the other, or keep one at home and another in your go-to bag. The Sailor Uranus lip cream is the color of light blue and has the scent of planet mint. On the other hand, the Sailor Neptune lip cream is the color of light green and has the scent of mystic ocean. They won't stain your lips, so you can always have a natural look. 

We have all these and more avaliable at J-Subculture! If you're interested in the many cosmetics of a pretty guardian, or if you're a die-hard fan of the Sailor Moon series, then these items are definitely right for you. Since they're limited in stock, you've got to act fast! Ready to join your favorite pretty guardians and bring out your kawaii heart? Scroll below!

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