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Japanese Facial Masks

Tue, Mar 7th 2017, 15:22:02

In Japan, the weather is gradually growing warmer, the flowers are blooming...and pollen is being spread everywhere, everyday. During these times when seasonal allergies are at peak, you can see crowds of people wearing masks. Why wear masks? You can protect yourself so easily with them that's why! Once you wear a mask, you cover both your nose and mouth. That means that you won't inhale harmful particles, germs, and pollen like you normally would without a mask. Wearing a mask is completely normal in Japan. More and more people have come to wear masks to prevent sickness and protect from seasonal allergies like hay fever. That means less people are sick! Through this phenomenon, there have been different kinds of masks produced throughout the years. Japanese facial masks can be born from young children to the elderly. They are made with the best materials, so your skin won't be irritated and you can breathe regularly.

There are different styles of masks, from flat to pointy to even ones with patterns! The sizes avaliable also differ, from small sizes for children to larger sizes for adults. Sometimes the colors are different too, with traditional white in the lead, and light pink and black also a favorite among the crowd. There are even masks that smell good, including citrus essences and vapor packs to keep you completely moisturized. While facial masks protect you, you can also wear them to make your face look smaller, your eyes bigger, and give yourself an air of mystery. Masks can be used as a positive, everyday item! At J-Subculture, we have tons of masks to choose from. Scroll below for genuine facial masks!

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