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Japanese Message Pottery Mugs!

Sun, Mar 12th 2017, 15:02:19

Japanese Message Pottery Mugs

Care to relax...Japanese style? "Take a breather" in Japanese is 一息をつく。How do you take a breather? In Japan, often times we enjoy a nice, warm drink to relax. We take take it easy, forget about all our troubles, and spend time on ourselves. The Japanese favor quiet moments of peace with their favorite cups and looking out at beautiful scenery.

As the Japanese love simple designs, they strive to create beautiful artwork through minimalistic detail. The following pottery mugs have Japanese messages written in Japanese that touches the heart without being over the top.

1. ほっ。This is an expression of a sigh of relief. It is the expression of being relieved after taking a sip of a warming drink that calms us.

2. ほのぼの。This is an expression that expresses "heart-warming" moments. 

3. 大好きです。This is an expression of love, literally translated to "I love you." It is the simplest way to show your affection.

4. ひと息いれんと。This is a loose expression to say, "let's take a break." Just take it easy, take a breather, and let go.

5. 笑顔がいいね。This expression uses the Japanese kanji for smile, 笑顔。This means that "smiling is great." 

6. ずっと一緒。This expression means "together forever." It is perfect for being with your loved ones.

These Japanese pottery mugs make great gifts. If you're interested in these mugs, scroll below! Take a breather with these beautiful, high quality Japanese mugs.

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