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Bandai Figure-rise Model Kits

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Welcome to the stunning Figure-rise universe! In other articles we talk about Gundam plastic model kits and Star Wars plastic model kits, now we want to introduce you yet to another fine model series of Bandai with the Figure-rise action figure model kits! 

If you are an avid collector of plastic model kits and anime, then you won't get passed these awesome models. They boast of intricate detail for each of the characters, which is expressed in their fine carvings for the faces, hairs and body complexions. Like the Gunpla and Star Wars model kits, also the Figure-rise kits follow the snap-together principle of Bandai, which means you won't have to bother about sticky fingers when using glue - it goes all without! Another great characteristic of these model types, is that they are ariculated like action figures, so you can throw your heroes into familiar poses and recreate favorite moments of that like the fusion between Saiyajin 4 Son Goku and Vegeta...

...epic battle scenes with Son Gohan against the villain Cell or Son Goku Saiyajin 3 slamming Kid Buu. It's a unique combination of building kits and action figures all in one. Each character also comes with effect and exchangeable parts, which makes it all the more a rage when you set up your display. To complement your diorama of Dragon Ball Figure-rise Standard models, there are also the Figure-rise Mechanics vessels, conceived and created by Akira Toriyama's master mind. You will find the Time Machine HOPE No. 1 of Trunks, just like Freezers Hover Pod or Vegetas Space Capsule, when he first landed on earth...

But there is not only Dragon Ball alone. Besides the Figure-rise Standard and Figure-rise Mechanics line-up, Bandai expands its ensemble of popular anime characters with the Figure-rise Bust models. There you will find for example the ladies of Love Live! and Macross Delta as well as protagonists of Gundam and Aktive Raid. And of course our darling Hatsune Miku can't be left unmentioned. Put them up as it pleases you, they make a pretty display where ever they stand. 

As the popularity of this model series ever rises, we will surely see more models coming to join in for your collection. The Bandai Figure-rise plastic model series is a treat for all modellers, beginner and pros alike. Pick your favorites and start building away today!

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