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Oct 24th, 05:48:16(JST)

Introduce and get 1000 points for present!

Sat, May 2nd 2015, 19:42:17

We would like to proudly announce the campaign of giving 1000 points, specially for our regular customers on

* In our website, 1000 points are equivalent to 1000 JPY, and can be used in making payment of our service.

These 1000 points will be issued to the first 50 customers who kindly introduce to their friends.

This can be done by sharing your experiences of buying or using services by on online sources such as blog or net forums.

The prize will be given on the first come first serve basis.

Basic Conditions:

- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are not eligible for this campaign.

- The website, where you post your J-subculture experience, must be accessible without the need to login for that web site.

- The content you post must include the link to our website.

- There must be a substantial content both in quantity and quality. (Merely posting our website’s URL and the generic information of the product will not be sufficient.)

- The content you post must be viewable to the certain period of time. Alternatively, the web site where you post the content on J-Subculture should have the number of page views available.

The follow acts are also strictly prohibited for participants of this campaign.

- Arbitrary delete or modification of the posted content within the unreasonable period of time

- Making false statement

- Inclusion of the non-relevant images. Inclusion of contents which infringe copyrights. The use of foul language. Inclusion of contents against public morality or public order.

- Acts which are detrimental to the quality and detrimental to our service.

If such prohibited actions are detected by us, the points granted to you will be rendered null and void. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Please kindly include one of the following URLs in your article.

Campaign Duration:

Until 31 May 2015.

Method of Application

Please login at, access our message board and told us about the URL of the website where your article was posted.

In principle, one customer can post one article and earn 1,000 points.

However, if you contact us in advance, multiple articles can be accepted on the case-by case basis.

We look forward to your vigorous participation. Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Your J-Subculture Team

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