Build your ultimate mecha battle beast - ZOIDS model kits!. -

Apr 20th, 21:48:21(JST)

Build your ultimate mecha battle beast - ZOIDS model kits!

Wed, Jul 1st 2015, 19:45:33

ZOIDS are gigantic battle robots designed after prehistoric creatures such as saber-tooth, lions and dinosaurs like T-Rex or the Triceratops. The war machines are equipped with heavy armor and weaponry battling on the fictitious planet of ZI. The series has its origin in the early 80's, created by the well-known toy manufacturer TAKARA TOMY (formerly Tomy). It has been a popular franchise since its beginnings in Japan as well as abroad, leading to the commercialization of a variety of toys, TV shows, comics and video games over the years to this very date. 

There are different kinds of ZOIDS model kits, some of the robots are motorized and there is a variety of scales depending on the cooperating companies. In the course of this year there are some re-issues of models and TAKARA TOMY as well as KOTOBUKYIA have new products on the start to their existing ZOIDS lines, therefore we thought it being a good opportunity to introduce this franchise to our audience and announce the opening of the PRE-ORDER window. 

For any questions regarding the products or release dates, please feel free to get in touch with us. 


To give viewers, who are not yet familar with ZOIDS, a better idea what they are, we included this video here. 


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