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Mar 24th, 06:26:44(JST)

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Fri, Jun 19th 2015, 11:06:21

In the past few days the E3 was taking place in Los Angeles, where the news of the upcoming video games were revealed.

Probably the MOST OUTSTANDING news is the REMAKE of Final Fantasy VII. Some fans thought that would never happen and others never stop hopping about this new remake!!

The new game will be for PlayStation 4 divise.

Here you have the exact moment of the announcement and the reaction of the people attending the conference! I YELLED TOO 


 Inside the video you can see the official trailer and to be totally clear and avoid any expeculation of sequel or prequel, the word REMAKE gave us hope!!

After the remake’s announcement, Tetsuya Nomura, the creator of the characters of the original Final Fantasy VII and the director of the remake project, make a small interview on a japanese web page. The director explain that the remake is not going to be just a “nicer face” of the old one, though you can see and realize that the graphics and the system are quite old.  Tetsuya Nomura said that there are aiming for not only an HD version, since the idea is to make a full remake and from a different approach.  

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