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Nov 18th, 23:54:37(JST)

Kokuyo's NEOCRITZ - Universal (Pencil) Case

Sun, Jun 28th 2015, 17:40:54
More than meets the eye!

Even though labeled as a pencil case, NEOCRITZ is definitely more than that. Its design available in various colors, yet simple and smooth with different patterns on the outside and inside, is also very functional, then it may be also used as a pencil stand in fact. Pretty neat! You can take it out of your backpack or bag and install it on your desk in no time. Compact and doesn't take away much space either. Another feature are the sippers that may be opened from both ends. So no matter how the case is positioned or lies between other things inside your bag, you will be able to access its contents the one or the other way.


Your all-in-one storage

The shape of the case is slim and yet it can store many items. You may stow all kinds of small-sized belongings in it, be it cosmetics, pens and scissors, earphones, cables, USB sticks or even your cell phone, NEOCRITZ will hold it all and protect it at the same time. You may consider it as your handy storage for all your important carry-on items. It has also little pockets in the inside that make it easy to stow and pick out little utensils like erasers or clips. Also the case is fabricated with robust nylon to prevent scratches and damages caused by nibs or scissor tips.


Dimensions for standard: W8.5cm x D5cm x H19.5cm

Dimensions for mini: W6.7cm x D5cm x H16.5cm**

**(only the dual-color cases are available in mini-size)


A stylish, convenient and practical stationery item all in one combined. With its variety of colors, surely everyone finds a personal match. 




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