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To a lots of people, who hear the name NINTENDO probably think of it mainly as a game factory that brought us Mario and Co.. However, the company has more up its sleeves than just game consoles and fantastic game software. Originally Nintendo took off as a playing card company, but also venturing out into other areas like toy manufacturing before it turned into the acclaimed entertainment system producer we know today. And so, even nowadays we find Nintendo still producing PLAYING CARDS, as well as the traditional card game HANAFUDA and Japanese chess-like board game SHOGI. Below a selection of popular Nintendo 'old school' games for at home or on the way that we are freuqently requested by our customers.

Best of it all, there is definitely no region-lock applied - unlike for many of its electronic counterparts - even if you source directly from Japan ;). 

Rules and other information for Shogi and Hanafuda:

 That is not what we meant by playing OLD SCHOOL ;).

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