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  •   Mami's Classic Anime Reviews! Vol.2: Digimon Adventure     So, I guess Ami has really strong opinions about what is and isn't okay for "kids" to watch ;-_- She's jus...
    [Japanese Anime] 09/16 16:47:40
  •   Ami's Japan Travel Guides! Vol.2: Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi-ken     Hello again~*^_^* I hope you learned a lot from everyone's first articles. I certainly learned a lot, which is why ...
    [Japanese Culture] 09/11 17:18:16
  •   Nami's Japanese Daily Life! Vol.1: Ramen Culture   Jeez, classic anime? That's really where Mami's going with her article theme? We already got Ami moaning about stuff that happened whe...
    [Japanese Culture] 09/10 17:34:50
  •   Mami's Classic Anime Reviews! Vol.1: Mahou Sensei Negima!     So, this is my first article...I'm a little bit nervous. Ami told me just to be myself and try my best. Isn't it funny,...
    [Japanese Anime] 09/10 16:59:02
  •   Ghibli Retrospective: Spirited Away     Doug Walker, best known as internet reviewer That Guy With The Glasses, said of Spirited Away: "This movie is so good I kind of hate it.&...
    [Japanese Movies] 09/07 15:38:56
  •   Ghibli Retrospective: Kiki's Delivery Service     Kiki's Delivery Service is the first, and maybe the purest example of a common Ghibli plot: the coming-of-age story. A young girl is...
    [Japanese Movies] 09/04 17:41:32
  •     Ghibli Retrospective: My Neighbor Totoro     To-to-ro, Totoro~...so, is that theme song good and stuck in your head? You're welcome. C'mon, everybody loves My Neighbor To...
    [Japanese Movies] 09/03 17:47:05
  •   Ghibli Retrospective: Princess Mononoke   On September 1st., 2013, Hayao Miyazaki announced his retirement from feature films. Now, I wouldn't put it past him to break that promise--didn't...
    [Japanese Movies] 09/03 16:36:28
  •     Ami's Japan Travel Guides! Vol.1: Dazaifu, Fukuoka-ken     Hello, everybody (*^_^*)  It's been a long time since I introduced myself, hasn't it? They asked me if I ...
    [Japanese Culture] 08/31 15:59:50
  •   Japanese Zoos! I mentioned in a previous post that while Japanese aquariums are amazing, Japanese zoos, sadly, don't tend to be as great. Many of them (especially smaller ones) still house anim...
    [Japanese Nature] 08/27 16:38:57
  •   Trains of Japan!   As some wise man once said (probably), the journey is more important than the destination. So every time my mom bugs me on Skype about finally getting my driver's licens...
    [Japanese Culture] 08/24 16:46:43
  • Aquariums!   While Japanese zoos tend to be kind of behind the curve (a subject I might cover later), as an island nation, Japan is blessed with a large number of world-class aquariums displaying...
    [Japanese Nature] 08/21 17:34:01
  •   Kaze Tachinu (The Wind is Rising) Review by Bocchan, J-Subculture Staff Short Version Beautiful, elegant and sad, the latest film by legendary director Hayao Miyazaki (and maybe the last, we...
    [Japanese Movies] 08/12 15:54:50
  •   Volcanoes! You might know that Japan is a country formed mostly by volcanic eruption, and odds are you know of at least one extremely famous Japanese volcano (we'll get to it below). But Japan ...
    [Japanese Nature] 08/09 14:47:10
  • Ramen!   When I was back in my country after visiting Japan the first time, my dentist said: "You must've eaten a lot of sushi, huh?" It was all I could do not to laugh in her face. If&...
    [Japanese Food] 07/13 17:20:17
  • Otaku Landmarks of Japan!   To continue a bit of a theme here (otaku stuff in the real world), let's take a look at some places where Japan has chosen to more intentionally honor its popular cul...
    [Japanese Anime] 07/10 17:47:25
  • The Story of Tanabata! Do you know the story of Tanabata!? Who are we kidding, you probably do if you like Japan. But here’s a refresher course for those of you who walked in late. So-o in anc...
    [Japanese Culture] 07/06 17:31:45
  • Castles of Japan! Editorial by Bocchan, J-Subculture Staff   Only about ten of the gorgeous medieval castles that once dotted the Japanese landscape are still standing today. Many others (destroy...
    [Japanese History] 07/02 17:34:45
  • When Otaku Invade!  Editorial by Bocchan, J-Subculture staff The line between the world of Otaku-dom and the so-called real world can get pretty blurry sometimes. After all, not all Japanese o...
    [Japanese Culture] 06/29 18:16:46
  •   Japanese Summer Festivals! It's getting hot here in Japan, and you know what that means--sky-high electric bills and white people sweating like hogs when they can't find their favorite brand of...
    [Japanese Culture] 06/26 17:27:25

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