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J-SUBCULTURE NEWS - Recent articles -

  • HARINACS, the 'stapleless' stapler. 'Hari' means a needle and 'nacs' means 'throw away' in Japanese. The HARINACS stapler series binds by only using the paper itself and no metallic staples are requir...
    [] 05/01 11:10:14
  • Graph Gear, the most popular multi-pen and mechanical pencil series by Pentel. Be ready to write or draw in the most precision way with the Graph Gear Mechanical Pencil. 
    [] 05/01 11:02:46
  • Godzilla as some of you will probably know, is a gigantic monster that made it first appearance in 1954 thanks to Ishirou Honda and Toho Co., Ltd. Since then, Godzilla appeared in 28 movies and became...
    [Fan World] 05/01 10:52:13
  • Kurutoga, the stylish and functional mechanical pencils by Uni (Mitsubishi). The Kurutoga series are mechanical pencils with a turning mechanism that continuously sharpens the leads. Everytime when wr...
    [] 04/30 09:08:02
  • Do you think only if you make a mistake writting with a pencil can you use an eraser and begin again? That's what all of us used to think before using Pilot Frixion Erasable Pen!  You can make al...
    [] 04/29 16:12:05
  • Gundam is a science fiction series franchise created by Yoshiyuki Tomin for Sunrise Studios. The series are about belic conflicts between humans, but in the series the humans used giants robots or &...
    [Japanese Anime] 04/23 11:25:05
  • It looks like the 2015 is the year of the old and good animes that made some of us fall in love with japanese animation. When I was a kid playing to be Sailor Moon at the School Playground was somethi...
    [Japanese Anime] 04/20 11:23:12
  • Louis Vuitton Monogram line < Shoulder bag > Artwir Batinyorl Bibary Parelmo Boswhool Dylightful Eva Gariera Montgureiyu Trokadero Noe Odeon Tortary Reporter Sut...
    [Japanese Auction] 04/19 12:58:25
  • With new attractions since last March the Namco J-World Tokyo is an amazing theme park full of all your favourites characters from Shonen Jump; from Dragon Ball to Naruto, One Piece, Kochikame, Bleach...
    [Japanese Anime] 04/10 09:55:25
  • Probably some of you will remember Death Note. The manga was created by Tsugumi Ouba and Takeshi Obata, and due the popularity and anime, 3 action live movies and a 3 videogames were made too. A coupl...
    [Japanese Culture] 04/03 11:12:14
  • The First Star Wars film was launched in Japan in 1978, and it's still popular and followed by mass. The Star Wars World has fans all around the world, and if you are in Tokyo From 29th of April to 28...
    [Fan World] 03/27 18:34:00
  • For CAREFREE and COMMISSION FREE auctioning on JAPAN's most popular platform, the YAHOO AUCTION, use J-SUBCULTURE! You send us your request, we take care of the rest. With our services we are provid...
    [J-Subculture News] 03/24 16:55:03
  • Naruto had been published from 1999 to 2014 in the japanese Shonen Jump Magazine, and last November the popular serie arrived to and end. After 15 years of adventures, Masashi Kishimoto left Naruto fa...
    [Japanese Anime] 03/18 12:08:33
  • Probably some of you are familiar with the Sanrio Puroland Theme Park in Tokyo. As a Sanrio related Theme Park everything is cute overdose, girly and girls oriented, even the food is too cute to be ea...
    [Japanese Culture] 03/11 10:53:29
  •                                                         &nbs...
    [Japanese Culture] 03/06 12:35:28
  •                                                         &nbs...
    [Japanese Anime] 02/27 12:13:05
  •                                                         &nbs...
    [Japanese Culture] 02/20 11:52:17
  • Japan fan lovers will probably know the existence of Cat Islands that we have in Japan. There are several Cat islands located all around Japan; we even have one near Fukuoka! But today, I don't want t...
    [Japanese Culture] 02/13 10:11:10
  • Owl Cafe   Hi, again! In previous articles, we talked about the Cafe Culture that we have here in Japan. If not, check our previous article. If you think Cat Cafes where the cutest and best idea ...
    [Japanese Culture] 12/23 17:29:54
  • "Homemade" Candies!   One of the things that we love even when we are not kids anymore are candies. It doesn't matter if they are soft, gummy, hard or acid, we just love them in all of ...
    [Japanese Food] 12/13 11:14:02

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