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  •   Here comes Wombat-san and his friends! What a curious bunch. What are these mysterious, delightful, and oh-so kawaii animals? We have Wombat-san, Platypus-san, Koala-san, Devil-san, Fairy Pengu...
    [] 02/18 17:27:21
  •   Welcome to Macherie, the hair beauty salon that promises you elegant, beautiful hair. With a variety of hair products to choose from, each step will take you closer to the hair of your dreams. ...
    [] 02/18 12:36:04
  •   You've never seen anything quite like it! Introducing Kokuyo Beetle Tip, three way highlighters! These wicked markers will totally blow your mind with their quirky, creative designs. Ready to a...
    [] 02/18 11:28:19
  •   Are you a lover of puzzles and traveling? Now you can travel the world through these 3D World Style Puzzles! This particular puzzle series focuses on the unique architecture of international la...
    [] 02/16 14:49:49
  •    Ready to enter a world of fruity gummies? Here are Kasugai Japanese Fruit Gummies! Gummy in Japanese is written as グミ (gumi). As you may know, Japan is big on snacks and candy, so the var...
    [] 02/16 13:59:34
  •   To those with a great memory, you probably remember that we've introduced to you before a series of adorable animal mini clips by the Japanese stationery company. (Interested in this product? c...
    [] 02/16 12:36:28
  •   Blendy Stick, a series of instant drinks you can make right at your home! Quick, easy, and flavorful, you'll be able to enjoy the feeling of having a cafe experience without having to step out ...
    [] 02/16 11:37:18
  • Dear Customer,  Thank you for always using our services.  We're introducing new commissions and other fees for our services from 10:00am on 4 March, Japan time.  Main changes are as follows. <<Proxy Shopping Service>...
    [J-Subculture News] 02/10 16:27:41
  • Don't shy away! Also in February we have our POINT BACK CAMPAIGNS up and running for you. Get the best value out of your purchases from Japan, we happily lend you a hand with things. You may want to ...
    [J-Subculture News] 01/28 21:32:07
  •   The Carnival of Venice is a spectacular event that boasts of beautifully crafted masks. It is a worldly famous, annually held festival that takes place in Italy. As there are many kinds of mask...
    [] 01/15 14:42:22
  •   Yuri On Ice fans, we've got great news for you. We at J-Subculture would like to keep you up to date on special goods you can purchase exclusively in Japan through our proxy shopping service. S...
    [] 01/15 13:56:07
  •   We're calling out to all our pretty guardians here at J-Subculture! It's time to assemble to fight crime in justice and style! Today at J-Subculture we'd like to introduce you to a variety of S...
    [] 01/15 12:02:16
  • It's the perfect day for a nice hot cup of instant noodles. You boil water, pour it into the cup, and close the lid...only to find it not staying down! So, you try everything. You put your eating ute...
    [] 01/08 14:53:36
  •   This pen is revolutionary. This is the pen of your dreams. Here at J-Subculture, we have the pen of the future: Pilot Frixion Ball Slim Pens! The most slender of all the pens from the Pilot Fr...
    [] 01/08 13:24:24
  •   It's the beginning of the new year, which means that NOW the perfect time to put your best face forward. Why not switch things up with a new look? By using a new eyeshadow palette, you can achi...
    [] 01/08 11:54:43
  • Dear Customer, J-Subculture is closing from 31/DEC/16 to 2/JAN/17, Japan time. Messages received by 4:00pm on 30/DEC/16 are to be answered by 30/DEC/16. Messages received from 4:01pm on 30/DEC/16 to 10:00am on 3/JAN/17 will be answered fr...
    [J-Subculture News] 12/30 15:24:26
  •    We've introduced you to funny-looking eye masks and eye masks for relaxing, so now we think it's time to introduce you to some limited edition anime collaboration eye masks! These limited...
    [] 12/27 17:51:56
  •   These crayons will totally catch you by surprise! They're Primomo Crayons! These colorful works of art come in fun shapes and serve great purposes. We'll tell you what makes them so special. P...
    [] 12/27 16:16:09
  •   寿司 Sushi is a kind of Japanese cuisine that is now eaten all over the world. Sushi is a combination of rice (sumeshi or shari) and generally fish (such as salmon and tuna). With the growing pop...
    [] 12/27 14:58:26
  •   As you may know, the year 2017 is the year of the great rooster! The rooster refers to one of the animals belonging to the 12-year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac. We also follow this cycle here in...
    [] 12/27 12:56:21

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