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  •   Gotta catch 'em all! Have you gotten your hands on the new Pokemon series? Pokemon Sun and Moon introduces new Pokemon for us to befriend! We've introduced the Pokemon Sun and Moon series of Po...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 12/03 13:50:21
  • Here's the link for the Japanese introduction: www.youtube.com/watch With our last point campaign for this year, there isn't any better time to go for the things your heart desires! Join in on t...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 12/03 12:00:12
  •   Before, we've introduced you to a series of adorable dolls from the Disney Beans Collection (refer to here: www.j-subculture.com/guides/sub/441) and now we'd like to introduce you to the S...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 11/27 13:29:01
  • DEATH NOTE - Light up the NEW world Ten years have passed since Kira's incident...and now six new Death Notes have been scattered across the globe.  Who will be the one to end it all?  From...
    [Japanese Auction] 11/27 12:04:10
  • Calling out to all stationery lovers on the go! Have you ever had the problem of not being able to keep all your stationeries in place? Perhaps you already have your own favorite pencil case, and you ...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 11/26 13:47:16
  •   Let the rich aromas take you to the resort of your dreams...introducing Kracie's Aroma Resort Body Milk series! This series of body milk features a variety of beauty products that will keep you...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 11/26 12:07:19
  •   Welcome to Pokemon Market! It seems like Pikachu is still wondering what to get, while Jigglypuff wants a lot of food. Let's enjoy shopping together with Pokemon, and see what they have in the ...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 11/26 10:55:48
  • Also in November we give our best to offer you an attractive service and to tempt you for our monthly POINT BACK CAMPAIGNS. We are happy to announce that also this month we are able to fix SPECI...
    [J-Subculture News] 11/23 19:03:40
  •   Winter is coming, which means that it's time to stock up on winter goods as much as possible! Many festive items are associated with winter. Warm fireplaces, evergreen trees, hot cocoa, snowbal...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 11/20 17:52:35
  •   Natural, organic, and beautiful. Paint a pretty picture this fall/winter and put your best face forward with these organic eyeshadows! Who said that make up had to be harmful? Have fun with you...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 11/20 15:12:13
  •   They're colorful, strong, and light! Introducing melamine tumblers! The tumblers we have to offer here at J-Subculture feature bright, creative designs of your favorite characters! If you're lo...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 11/20 13:38:06
  •   When we enter the chilly seasons of fall and winter, there isn't any better way of warming up than relaxing in a hot spring. Hot springs help us relax, warm our bodies from within, and improve ...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 11/20 11:57:34
  • For products, scroll down to the bottom ↓    SANEI's faithfully manufactured and high-quality NINTENDO plush toys are not only a big hit with children, they are also...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 11/19 18:55:16
  • For products, scroll down to the bottom ↓ A world, in which all your favorite CARTOON & GAME characters come together? Then you are at the right place here! Discover MEDICOMS's brillant...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 11/16 18:54:05
  • For products, scroll down to the bottom ↓ Already gave it a thought what to give HER / HIM for this year’s Christmas present? It seems there is still plenty of time left until Christm...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 11/08 20:39:33
  • For products, scroll down to the bottom ↓ Only a little bit more than a month to go and Christmas 2017 will be here. You might already ponder and strain your brain what presents to get for ...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 11/08 20:39:19
  • For products, scroll down to the bottom ↓  It’s the time of year when tasty smells of backing come to your nostrils and fine wine is served together with delicious morsels of foo...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 11/08 20:39:17
  • For products, scroll down to the bottom ↓    In this modern age and many paperless offices, one would almost forget about this nobility of stationery tools, the PAPER KNIFE o...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 11/08 20:38:52
  • For products, scroll down to the bottom ↓ What LEGO is for the 6 years old and above, DUPLO is for boys and girls of the ages between 1.5-5 years - boundless building and imagination! The c...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 11/08 20:38:49
  • For products, scroll down to the bottom ↓     It’s about time we dedicate an article to the hugely popular hobby of GUNPLA (ガンプラ Ganpura), which has been around for decades w...
    [shop.j-subculture.com] 11/08 20:38:45

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