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  •   Ready for a better breakfast? Start the morning off right with a bowl of "Gorotto Granola," a kind of premium granola sold in Japan. It has made a big hit from its delicious, irresist...
    [] 12/27 11:31:42
  • Cock-a-doodle-doo!!!...A shout out to all our valued customers (^0^)/, Happy New Year 2017 and welcome to the auspicious Year of the Rooster!!! It's said to be a bustling one due to the characteristi...
    [J-Subculture News] 12/25 21:17:56
  •   For today's proxy shopping article, we've got a special treat for those who have wrists that just ache from using the computer. They're computer cushions! These adorable computer cushions come ...
    [] 12/25 14:41:20
  •   During the winter holidays, it is absolutely essential to relax. With long hours at work, you must be exhausted. Why don't you give your tired eyes a well deserved rest with KAO Megurhythm Eye ...
    [] 12/25 13:21:37
  •   It's finally Christmas in Japan! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all our wonderful customers! Today at J-Subculture, we'd like to introduce you to a hot product called mini stationery bac...
    [] 12/25 11:23:59
  • For products, scroll down to the bottom ↓   In various articles we have been introducing different FIGURE types and brands, which are popular with collectors and newbies to the hobby. ...
    [] 12/20 21:44:35
  •   Detective Conan, or Case Closed is a highly popular manga/anime series known by practically any Japanese person out there, fan or not. It is a detective series about a young, high school detect...
    [] 12/18 17:43:41
  •   Would you care for a nice, steamy bowl of Japanese ochazuke? Ochazuke or Chazuke (お茶漬け) is a simple Japanese dish that is favored by many all over Japan, as well as by people overseas. The word...
    [] 12/18 15:50:04
  •   MUJI (Mujirushi, 無印良品) is a Japanese company that revolves around the idea of a "no brand" concept and utmost simplicity. Through their natural, soft, and aesthetic products, they've ...
    [] 12/18 13:18:02
  •   Have you heard of Cosbaby? Cosbaby is a series of collectible figures of your favorite characters! Take all the awesome-ness of your favorite comic or movie character, pack them into tiny size,...
    [] 12/18 12:14:35
  •   Have you been on the lookout for some cute stationery? Well, look no further! Today we at J-Subculture would like to introduce you to a series of adorable animal mini clips produced by the Japa...
    [] 12/18 10:59:13
  •   It's practically the end of the first week of December! How has your preparations for the seasonal holidays been going? In this merry and festive time, we'd like to let our valued customers her...
    [J-Subculture News] 12/11 17:40:01
  • With December, the last month of the year is upon us. We hope you have been enjoying shopping from Japan with our services throughout the year. For us, there has been nothing more of a joy than to se...
    [J-Subculture News] 12/11 17:39:58
  •   In Japan, it is practically a custom to have your very own schedule book with you. Everyone has their own schedule book! We are lovers of both creative, practical goods, which brings us to uniq...
    [] 12/03 14:52:30
  •   Gotta catch 'em all! Have you gotten your hands on the new Pokemon series? Pokemon Sun and Moon introduces new Pokemon for us to befriend! We've introduced the Pokemon Sun and Moon series of Po...
    [] 12/03 13:50:21
  • Here's the link for the Japanese introduction: With our last point campaign for this year, there isn't any better time to go for the things your heart desires! Join in on t...
    [] 12/03 12:00:12
  •   Before, we've introduced you to a series of adorable dolls from the Disney Beans Collection (refer to here: and now we'd like to introduce you to the S...
    [] 11/27 13:29:01
  • DEATH NOTE - Light up the NEW world Ten years have passed since Kira's incident...and now six new Death Notes have been scattered across the globe.  Who will be the one to end it all?  From...
    [Japanese Auction] 11/27 12:04:10
  • Calling out to all stationery lovers on the go! Have you ever had the problem of not being able to keep all your stationeries in place? Perhaps you already have your own favorite pencil case, and you ...
    [] 11/26 13:47:16
  •   Let the rich aromas take you to the resort of your dreams...introducing Kracie's Aroma Resort Body Milk series! This series of body milk features a variety of beauty products that will keep you...
    [] 11/26 12:07:19

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