J-Subculture Terms of Service (English Translation)

This document defines the Terms of Service for J-Subculture (henceforth "Company") and this website J-subculture (henceforth "Service").
By accessing or using this Service, you agree to the following Terms of Service.
When any problems may occur regarding understanding of these Terms of Service (henceforth "Terms"), the original Japanese version of this document will apply.

1. Scope of these Terms

1.1. These Terms apply to the Company and the users of this Service ("User").
1.2. The Company may able to change these Terms and notify the User by appropriate means to the Company, without agreement from the User.
1.3. The User may use this Service by following these Terms and any other rules defined by the Company.
1.4. The Company may able to change the contents of this Service without agreement from the User.

2. Services

The User may use this Service. The Company may add, change, stop, or make any changes to this Service when necessary.
By accessing and using this Service, the User agrees to any of these changes.
This Service will provide the User the following services:
*Search Service *Shopping Service *Auction Service *Export Service *Services related to the above list

3. Disclaimer

3.1. The Company has no responsibility for any damage or loss to the User by the suspension of the Service under the following conditions:
*Fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, heavy snow or any other natural disaster
*Emergency situations such as civil unrest.
*The system of the Service was harmed or interfered with a third party's attempt.
*Troubles regarding the Service's network and server.
*Any other circumstances that require the Company to suspend the Service.
3.2. The Company do not warrant that this Service will be free of defects including (but not limited to) viruses or any other harmful elements.
3.3. If any disadvantage to the User was caused by the information registered by the User, the Company is not responsible for the User's disadvantage.
3.4. If the User inflicts damage upon any third party by using this Service, the User must solve the problem at his/her own risk and cost. The Company bears no responsibility for the problem.
3.5. The tax fee for the items when purchasing should be payed by the User.
3.6. There may be cases when additional tax or customs-related costs will be charged. These fees are payable by the User. Please contact Customs Office in your country for details.
3.7. The Company is responsible for items until they are handed to courier. The Company bears no responsibility for any troubles or damages occurred during transit. However, the Company may offer help to the User in the event of claiming insurance to carrier or tracking items.
3.8. The Company is not responsible for any losses or costs caused by the delay of delivery.
3.9. The Company bears no responsibility for any troubles occured in auction transactions. However, the Company may help the User to resolve any problems by communicating with seller. In these events, the Company determines the way to resolve problems by considering the regulation of each stores, seller's rule, Japanese Law and business practices.

4. Member Registration

4.1. The person who wishes to register as a Member should register the required information from the Registration page on this Service.
4.2. The Company may not approve the registration of Member under the following conditions:
*The registration information provided by the User contains inappropriate or false information.
*The User did not comply with the liability for the services which provided by the Company, without any applicable reasons.
*The User created and/or retained multiple accounts.
*Any other case that the Company judged the registration of the User as not complying with the Service and Terms.
4.3. If any changes are made to the information which the User is providing for the Service, the User should update this information as soon as possible.
4.4. The Company is not responsible for any loss or costs caused by the User who did not update his/her changed information.
4.5. The Company may suspend the use of this Service, deregister the User's account or take any other appropriate actions if any of the following conditions apply:
*The User did not comply with the Terms.
*The User did not comply with the liability for the services which provided by the Company, without any applicable reasons.
*The User created and/or retained multiple accounts.
*Any other case when the Company judged the User as not complying with the Service and Terms.
4.6. The User may not give, lend, or share the rights of the using this Service with any other third persons
4.7. The User must be above the age of 18.

5. Membership Withdrawal

*The Member may withdraw from the membership of this Service at any time through the withdrawal procedure.
*All points (J-Subculture shopping points) may not be refunded or exchanged for money after withdrawal from the membership.
*If the user withdraws from the membership, all points (J-subculture shopping points) will be discarded.

6. User ID & Password

6.1. The User of the membership is responsible for the use of his / her own User ID and Password.
6.2. The User of the membership may not give, disclose, or lend their User ID and Password to anyone.
6.3. The User of the membership is responsible for any damage or loss to him / herself by misuse, inadequate management and any other inappropriate use of the User ID and Password.

7. Prohibitions

7.1. The User may NOT do the following:
*Enter or register any false information.
*Damage, abuse or inflict any other inappropriate actions to other Users or any other third persons.
*Violate the Company, other User, or any other third persons' privacy, personal rights, as well as any other intellectual properties.
*Contradict public order and morality.
*Violate the law.
*Obstruct the operations of this Service.
*Lend, give, or share their UserID or Password with others.

8. Ordering from the Service

8.1. When purchasing items from this Service, the User has the obligation to pay for any costs regarding the shipment of products.
*For more details on expenses in using our shopping service, please kindly refer to the following URL: http://www.j-subculture.com/pages/cost
*For more details on expenses in using our proxy auction service, please kindly refer to the following URL: https://auction.j-subculture.com/yahoo_auctions/commission_guide
8.2. The User has the obligation to pay for the costs for transport fees in advance.
8.3. Since the transaction with us is transnational, there are possibilities that you might be charged with additional expenses, such as customs duty, in order to obtain your package. In such cases, the customer shall be the one responsible for all additional expenses. Please understand that our company cannot compensate for those extra expenses to the customer afterwards.
8.4. Once the ordered package has been shipped out, the insurance coverage will be in accordance to the insurance policy of the transporter’s company. Any other kinds of insurance will not be granted.
8.5. After the ordered package has been shipped out, if it is returned to our office regardless of the reasons, we cannot reimburse the shipping fee to you. If the customer would like to have the package re-shipped, the customer is required to pay for the shipping fee.
8.6. The items purchased by the User can be stored in the Company's repository for free for 45 days at the maximum. If the maximum of 45 days is exceeded..., costs for the storage may be charged.
8.7. If the purchased item is being kept at our office for more than 90 days since the date of its arrival, we have the right to dispose of such item. In this case, we will not refund the item price to your account.
8.8. When using the auction service, the User may charge deposit in advance.
8.9. For proxy auction service, the customer cannot cancel the bid that has been placed. For the reason, please only place bids for items that you really want.
8.10. Upon winning the auction, the customer is required to pay for the product price in a prompt manner. If the payment is not made within one week since the date an auction was won, the money in your deposit will be withdrawn for the price payment.
8.11. The User cannot bid more than 1.5 times their deposit. The Company may allow the User to do so at their discretion if the User has a certain number of trade records. The criteria for this matter is private and should not be published.

9. Payment

9.1. The User can pay for their purchased items with PayPal, points (J-Subculture Points), and deposit.
9.2. The points (J-Subculture Ponints) should not be exchanged for money, and should be only used within this Service.
9.3. Deposits can be charged by a 1000 yen-basis. Charging deposit requires remittance charge.
9.4. The User can request to refund the deposit from the form. The refund transaction may take at least one business day (or 7 business days at the maximum). The refund should be conducted through PayPal.
9.5. Deposits can be exchanged for points (J-subculture shopping points). The points can be used for payment within the Service.

10. Privacy Policy

The information provided by the User may be managed by the Company's strict guidelines.
10.1. The Company may collect personal information from the User for the following purposes:
*To registrate for the membership of the Service.
*To contact the User the communication regarding this Service.
*To ship the items purchased by the User.
10.2. The Company shall not disclose or provide information provided by the User, except the following conditions:
*The User agreed to disclose or share the information.
*The Company was requested a formal inquiry under the law by the public agency such as court or law enforcement.
*In case of emergency, such as in order to protect human life or human rights.

11. Maintaining the Service

11.1. To maintain the Service in a good condition, the Company may suspend the whole or part of the Service without notifying the User in advance.
The Company is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by this suspension of the Service. *Regular maintainance *Emergency maintainance *Caused by fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, heavy snow or any other kind of natural disaster. *Caused by any other disaster, such as civil unrest. *The system was unable to operate due to interference from third party. *Any other cases that required the Company to suspend the system.

12. Import & Export Restricted Items

12.1. The User is responsible for checking whether the purchased items are legal to possess in the User's country.
The Company may not comply to the User's request for cancellation of the items or refund if the User purchased those in the list of export control regulations.
12.2. In the case that the purchased items were prohibited in the location where the User is situated, the Company is not responsible for any loss or costs regarding such situations.
The Company may not comply to the User's request for cancellation of orders or refund under these circumstances.

13. Jurisdictional Court

13.1. This Service and Terms should be governed by the law of Japan. The Fukuoka District Court shall be the agreed upon jurisdictional court for any and all disputes arising from this Service and Terms.

14. Miscellaneous

14.1. Contact between the User and the Company shall be conducted by e-mail.

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