Wholesale (for business user)

If you are running a business, today is your lucky day.
We can offer you a cheaper wholesale price if you buy our products such as stationeries, snacks or toys in a large quantity.
We would love to support traders outside Japan who are selling Japanese products.

Japanese products are well known throughout the world, and we have a large collection of them available for sale. These include ball point pens, erasers, notebooks, confectioneries, figures etc.
Please feel free to contact us if there are any items you would like to purchase. We will promptly send you the price quotation of those items.

The minimum lot is just one. Also in your purchase, you can order different kind of products at the same time.
The minimum purchase amount starts from 10,000 JPY, with shipping not included. This means the product itself should cost that amount.

Here you have all the information about shipping fees.
To be sure about the shipping cost, and because we don't want you to pay extra money, we will let you know the exact shipping cost amount after the package is ready.
We can also offer a special discount for customers who buy items in large quantities at once.

You can send us an email or give us a phone call to negotiate the price as well.

Offer List

List of items available for sale. (Part of our list.)
You can view the list below in order to see some of items we have available for sale. If you are interested in items that are not included in the list (such as toys and related products), please contact us by clicking the contact us button and fill in the form.
※ You are required to log into your account in order to see the list of our products in details.
※ The price shown in the catalogue is the fixed price, but we can offer you a cheaper one.

Writing utensils

Daily life products

Food and Beverages

Confectionaries and snacks

Note book, Paper products, and Labels

Files and Binders

Office Supplies

Office Automation Supplies

Method of Ordering

For wholesale product transactions, you may order with us via email or phone. Please inform us about model number(s), product name(s) and item count of products etc. For the calculations of additional discounts to the displayed total for greater order totals and volumes, please consult us at any time.

Find the items you would like to buy

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