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Q-Transformers, let's celebrate Transformers 30 th anniversary!

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Q-Transformers a portmanteau of "cute" + "transformers" is a Takara Tomy, the producer of Transformers in Japan, toy-line launched in late 2004 and a spin-off of sorts of Choro-Q. Unlike typical toy cars, Choro-Q are not accurately-proportioned miniatures, but rather super deformed to make them cuter. They were introduced to the Japanese market in 1979, and were once sold in Western markets under the name Penny Racers. In 2014, as part of the Transformers 30th anniversary, Takara Tomy launched Q-Transformers, a Transformers line inspired by Choro-Q and incorporating the same cute and super deformed, fully licensed cars.


This toy-line is accompanied by Q-Transformers: The Return of the Mystery of Optimus Prime a endless-runner-type mobile game for your iPad or Android tablet based on the infamous Transformes : Mystery of Convoy, a video game released in 1986, developed by ISCO and distributed by Takara for the Famicom (the Japanese version of the Nintendo Entertainment System).  

Q-Transformers : Mystery of Convoy Returns amine was released also in support of the game and the toy-line, episodes were broadcast on Tokyo MX, and released by animation company DLE on their YouTube and Nicovideo accounts. When each new episode was released, the previous episodes were set to "private", so that the whole series was never available all at once until its DVD/Blu-Ray release. The show is broken into the two segments, The first is a fast-talking scripted segment that centres on the Q-Transformers: The Return of the Mystery of Optimus Prime mobile game, and the original Transformes : Mystery of Convoy game; the show does not shy away from the fact the game was famously terrible, and most of the conversation in these first segments is based around the history of kusoge, a Japanese portmanteau that essentially means "crappy game". Then, the sound of a Japanese kotsuzumi drum transitions the show into the second segment, in which the voice actors—staying in-character—ad-lib more humorous discussion topics based on what they were talking about in the first half.


Let's celebrate Transformers 30 th anniversary with this cute Transformers miniatures! 


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