Unlocking Yahoo! JAPAN Auction with J-Subculture - In-Depth Guide: Navigating Japan's Premier Online Auction Platform with J-Subculture. -

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Proxy Benefits for Japanese Auction

We act as a trusted intermediary between you and the seller, handling payments and shipping to you.

How Proxy Bidding Works on Yahoo! JAPAN Auction

Proxy bidding simplifies your participation in auctions:

1. Set your maximum bid amount in advance.
2. We communicate this amount to the auction holder.
3. As others bid, the auction holder increments your bid until your maximum is reached.
4. You can monitor and increase your bid if desired.

How to Join Yahoo! JAPAN Auction with J-Subculture

Browsing Yahoo! JAPAN Auction

1. Explore on J-Subculture: Browse by categories or keywords.

2. Explore through the original website: Access items directly on the original website and order through J-Subculture by using Page URL, ID Number, Seller name.

Add Deposit

1. Sufficient Balance: Ensure your account has sufficient deposits by placing a certain amount of money into it. You need to have a balance in your deposit that's greater than the price of the auction you wish to.
2. Flexible Use: Your deposit can be utilized as payment for items you win and any payable fees, including shipping costs.
3. Maximum bidding limit: 1.5 times your deposit, with exceptions for experienced users.
4. For Auctions Over 50,000 JPY: You’ll need to switch to a Business User.

Placing bids

  • 1. Enter your maximum bid amount
  • 2. Select bid type
  • 3. Click [Bid]

Bid Type

1. Real Time Bid: We will begin to place bids on your item instantly when we receive your order.
2. Snipe Bid: Snipe bids will be placed 10-15 minutes prior to the intended closing time of the auction. You could cancel a snipe bid or raise/ lower your bid price before the actual bid time.
*Snipe bid is not available in the following condition:
1) Another bidder has placed a bid above your maximum bid.
2) The seller ends the auction earlier than scheduled closing time, thus our snipe bid is not placed.

Winning Auction

We'll notify you and provide payment instructions when you win an auction.
Then please make your payment within 3 days.
We contact the seller on your behalf, gather relevant information, and ensure a smooth payment process.

※If you lost your bidding for an auction, it won't be charged.

Yahoo! JAPAN Auction Rules

Yahoo! JAPAN Auction employs unique rules

・The highest bidder within the auction time typically wins.
・If a bid is placed in the last 10 minutes of an auction, the time extends by ten minutes.

Winning Bid Breakdown: Winning bid depends on the price range:

Buy-Out Price Option

Some sellers offer a Buy-Out price option for immediate victory and auction conclusion when paid.

Illegal Goods

Laws and regulations prevent overseas shipments of any of the following:

- Flammable items (lighters, spray cans, perfume, manicure and nail polishers, etc.)
- Plants and animals
- Meat products
- Items prohibited to export by the Japanese government
- Money
- Air guns
- Swords (including imitation swords)
- Items prohibited in accordance with CITES
- Adult items

* We are unable to cancel or refund for an order or bid after it has been placed.
* Items that are deemed prohibited from international shipment will be exempt from our Insurance Plan.
* There may be items that can be shipped from Japan but can be confiscated by your Customs Office. Please check items that are prohibited to import with your local Customs Office.

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