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KINTO Tea & Coffee goods

Sat, Oct 24th 2015, 16:47:28

In Japan we love coffee, Japan consume 0.245 cups per-capita, far away from the 2.4 cups of the Netherlands, but still a big quantity, and if there's something that we love more than the coffee, is the coffee goods, we may no drink a lot of coffee but when que do, we do it with style. 

Is there any more luxurious than a sofa, a book, and a cup of coffee? This is the Japanese style, when we drink coffee we love to do it in a small coffee shops with comfortable sofas, enjoying a good book or in the company of a good friend, surrounded by the unique smell of the freshly ground coffee. If you love the coffee too, you're gonna love KINTO

We already introduce you the KINTO mugtail collection a unique selection of KINTO design mugs, but this time we bring you a special selection of the best KINTO tea & coffee goods. KINTO is a housewares Japanese company that we love, they develop simple but beautifully design products. With KINTO drinkware, tableware, kitchenware and interior accessories you'll give your home a unique and special Japanese style. 

With the KINTO Drip Coffeemaker & Pot Kinto Carat kit the time slowly goes by with each drip, with this special kit you'll need some time to make this special slow coffee, forget your daily normal life and take your time, there's no rush, this coffee style takes time but at the end you'll appreciate and enjoy it. 

How about all those times you're alone, studying or reading a book and you want to drink a good tea, well, the KINTO Cauleur tea for one set is the most beautiful way of infuse and enjoy your tea. A perfect combination of mug & teapot made in a colorful porcelain.

KINTO Column Dripper Coffee Mug and KINTO Cafepress Mug are the best way if you want to make your coffee or tea in your mug, unique design full of color in a all-in-one concept.  

We also picked some of the best KINTO products just for you so don't loose this opportunity to order which could be some of the best Japanese Tea & Coffee goods!

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