Metakore Star Wars, by Taraka Tomy. -

Jun 16th, 14:32:25(JST)

Metakore Star Wars, by Taraka Tomy

Wed, Dec 2nd 2015, 17:12:29

With the release of the new Star Wars movie, Star Wars : Episode VII the force awakens,  just weeks away, the Star Wars merchandising has become a trend. Even though Lucas Arts actual owner, Disney, released a whole line of special Star Wars : Episode VII the force awakens toys, those companies who have the proper rights have flooded the market with all kind of Star Wars merchandising to calm the nerves of those who can't wait to see Star Wars : Episode VII the force awakens. 

Takara Tomy is a well known Japanese toy manufacture company, today we want to introduce you their Metakore Star Wars line! This Star Wars small figure line features some of the most famous Star Wars characters like, Darth vader, C-3PO, R2-D2, YODA or Luke Skywalker, as well as some of the upcoming film, Star Wars : Episode VII the force awakens like, BB-8, KYLO REN or CAPTAIN PHASMA.

Taraka Tomy's line features a 8 cm length (3.23"), colorful and full of details small figure collection, you can't miss this opportunity if you're a Star Wars fan, check the list and get them all! 

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