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Japanese Sandwich Cutters!

Mon, Dec 14th 2015, 17:30:44
We already introduce you the Japanese Bento culture, here it's a everyday thing, not just kids but almost every Japanese use to eat bento everyday. You can get a bento almost anywhere, super markets, bento shops or in your favorite fast bento take away restaurant. 


Despite all this, still Japanese people who prefer to prepare his own bento at morning or the day before, after all there's nothing better than enjoy eating something you know it's made by yourself. But bento is not simply a lunch box, bento is more than that, there are even bento competitions where participants unleash their imagination creating all kind of creative bentos. 

There are all sorts of accessories and tools for making your bento's food look even cuter, you can make rice pandas, hello kitty sandwiches ... the only limit is your imagination! In J-Subculture we have all you need for making your daily bento look even better, all type of bento boxes, tools and accessories, and today we want to introduce you a tool all bento master should own, we are talking about the Japanese Sandwich Cutters!


This special selection of all type of Japanese cutters allows you to easily create all kind of forms and cute sandwich. Couldn't be simpler to make your own designs with our unique cutters, just fill your sandwich with your favorite filling and apply the cutter to create the most kawaii sandwiches for your bento.  

Make your four-leaf clover sandwich! 


Let hello kittie be a part of your bento with the Hello Kittie Sandwich Cutter!

If you are a Disney fan you are going to fall in love with the Mickey Mouse Sandwich Mold!


Don't forget to check our entire list and choose your favorite sandwich cutter, youre bento's sandwich will never look the same with J-Subcultures Japanese Sandwich Cutters!  

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