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Roll pen Cases!

Tue, Jan 5th 2016, 16:38:09

The 2016 is finally here, for most of us that means the end of the winter break and to going back to class or work. It's always nice and motivating to start this new year with something new to help our minds to fulfill our obligations again after all those days, here's a tip: if it makes you smile is good enough ; ) 


For example, if you have to carry pens, pencils or fountain pens with you in your daily life you'll probably have a pencil case, one of those little boxes or bags were is impossible to put some order. Well that's right, you need something to carry your pens and pencils, we get that, but what if you'll be able to carry them and at the same time keep your "pen case" tidy and organized? That will be a nice purchase for starting this new year, right?! Well, today we want to introduce you our Roll Pen Cases!


This system is the perfect way for carrying your pens with you in a totally different, organized, tidy and cool way. Despite today's roll pen case list is huge, we want to give you more details about three of them: The Delfonics, Pilot and  Saki Collection Roll Pen Cases. 

The Saki Collection Pen Case is probably the most "Japanese-style" of the list, the materials, pattern and closure system remind us to the Japanese traditional clothes. With 6 different styles, the Saki Collection Pen Case measures 17.9 cm (7.04 inch) by 18.9 cm (7.44 inch) and can fit 2-3 pens in each pocket without being too bulky, in addition the top flap gives additional cushion to protect the pen, making it the perfect option if you're looking for a more Japanese look-like roll pen case!


Available in 3 different colors the Delfonics is a simple well designed Roll Pen Case. The strap that goes around to secure the case and depending on how bulky the pens are inside, you can use either one of the click-on buttons of this spectacular roll pen case, it uses a clothed rubber band for holding the pens, there are eight slots, two big and six small. Additionally, the Delfonic Roll Pen Case flap will protect your pens, your option if you want a simple but functional roll pen case!


Our last roll pen case is the Pilot Pensemble, designed to hold fountain pens and available in two color, black and brown, this roll pen case is made of soft cowhide leather making it easier to roll. The inside is laid with soft interior to protect the pens and two flaps for covering two big and three smaller slots. This is your option if you're looking for elegant roll pen case for you're Pilot fountain pens!


Don't forget to take a look to the rest of the list, specially to Pikachu's Pokemon Center Original Roll Pen Case! Enjoy the new year with your brand new roll pen case and J-Subculture!

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