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Akashiya Sai Watercolor Brush Pens

Fri, Jan 15th 2016, 15:01:28
Akashiya is one of Japan's largest writing brushes manufacturer, and for over 300 they had maintain the necessary traditional skills for making this indispensable Japanese calligraphy accessory. The 2007 ISOT Stationery of the Year award they won thanks to their Akashiya Sai watercolor brush pen's innovate design it's a good example.   

The Akashiya Sai watercolor brush pen's are the first of its type. They reproduce water-soluble brushes in a independent, disposable form. This watercolor brush pen can be used with water brush to produce several effects, cap them when you finish your work and continue it whenever you want, the Akashiya Sai watercolor brush pen is always ready for you! 

Colors can be mixed with other colors to create secondary colors or with water for making lighter shades. You can mix color using the Akashiya Sai Watercolor Mini Pallet, this useful tool will help to mix and separate your secondary colors in a very clean way!


Even though the special waterproof ink of the Akashiya Sai watercolor brush pens, and like many other watercolors, they're not light resistant, so don't forget to keep your work away from sunny areas! Despite all this, the Akashiya Sai watercolor brush pens have the potential to transform painting, allowing artists to create their artwork from an well designed, and the most important thing, a non-dirty instrument.

This brushes are a unique combination of traditional brush design and modern brush quality and usability. As the Akashiya Sai watercolor brush pens are pretty famous in Japan, we decided to introduce you this unique tool for artists, this is a must have in your pen case!  

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