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Nyan Nyan Nyan! Japanese Cat Day!

Sun, Feb 21st 2016, 13:08:50

February 22nd in Japan is known as "Cat Day!" Now, why out of all days was the 22nd of February chosen? It's because of the way it sounds similar to the way a cat sounds in Japanese. Does that make any sense? Let me explain. If you write the date in numbers, it's 2/22 right? Say that in simple Japanese, and it's "ni ni ni." That "ni" resembles the way a cat cries in Japanese, "nyan." It's another Japanese play on words! That reminds me, you know about the famous "nyan cat" right? Now you know what "nyan" means. Meow!


Cat Day in Japan was created by the cat executive committee and its cat lovers, alongside the general incorporated pet food association officially in 1987. The purpose of the establishment of Cat Day was of course, to honor cats, but also with an important message-- "To appreciate the happiness felt through living together with a cat and reflect along with cats this great joy." Isn't that heart warming?

On this day there are many cat-related events and campaigns held in Japan. There are also many activities held to raise awareness of cats. In some prefectures in Japan, there are even festivals to celebrate cats! Cat Day is a day for cats and cat lovers to rejoice! There are so many reasons why cats are so loved. Their charming looks and brilliance certainly attract many fans. They're also resilient and skilled creatures. They make purrfect companions!

Why not celebrate Cat Day with various cat goods? Here at J-Subculture, we have many cat-related goods and products that are absolutely the cat's meow, whiskers, you name it! Show off your cat love on Cat Day, and everyday!

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