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Gyoza Makers!

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Gyoza (餃子, gyōza) are dumplings filled with different fillings and wrapped in a thin dough. Gyoza originated in China, but have become a very popular in Japan, and it is very easy to find them in any restaurant, there are even restaurants specialized in them. Despite the typical gyoza filling consists of ground pork, nira chives, green onion, cabbage, ginger, garlic, soy sauce and sesame oil, there are some creative gyoza shops which have change the recipe and make tasty gyoza filled with a range of other fillings.

The most difficult part of making gyoza is the moment you have to close the dumpling with the filling inside. For this purpose today we bring you a selection of our best Gyoza Makers! These devices are so useful, in fact, they’ve inspired a bit of a gyoza-cooking boom among Japan, all you have to do is put your Gyoza dough, add some fill, give it a squeeze and you´re done, your Gyoza is ready to go in seconds! 

It´s that simple, but we want yo to use it properly and there is no way to use it correctly if you don't know how to make Gyozas, so here you have some tip and tricks to make tasty Gyozas! First of all you need to know that there are three ways to make them, Yaki Gyoza ( pan fried ), Sui Gyoza ( boiled ) and Age Gyoza ( deep fried ). 

Yaki Gyoza or pan fried Gyoza are by far the most common in Japan, you need to put your gyozas in a frying pan for a few minutes until their flat part get dark, then pour a mix of water and cornstarch and cover them for a few minutes more. The water and cornstarch mixture helps to steam them, making the Gyoza soft and juicy while creating a thin crispy bottom. Serve your Gyoza with the crispy bottom side up, this is the typical way! 

The Sui Gyoza or boiled Gyoza are rare in Japan, they are usually served just in Chinese restaurants or Gyoza specialized ones. You just have to boil them and serve with a light broth, that´s all! 

Age or deep fried Gyoza are crispy, deep fried and super tasty! Again rare in Japan, usually just found at specializes or Chinese restaurants. Deep fry your gyoza and serve them with your favorite topping. 

Gyoza is tasty and now with J-Subculture´s Gyoza Makers it is finally an easy Japanese recipe to make and enjoy, don´t hesitate to order your Gyoza Maker, you´ll love it!  

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