Nerunerunerune - Magical Candy!. -

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Nerunerunerune - Magical Candy!

Sun, Mar 6th 2016, 13:04:49

 Nerunerunerune, the magical Japanese candy! This year marks the 30th anniversary of Nerunerunerune, so we'd like to share with you some info on what exactly Nerunerunerune is. Nerunerunerune is a type of candy produced by Kracie Foods (previously Kanebo Foods) since 1984. 

Its main original flavors were melon, strawberry, and chocolate banana. It was advertised through commercials featuring an elderly witch mixing the candy and enjoying its magical taste. Here's a link to see that commercial:

And an example of Nerunerunerune's original packaging:

Now, the current Nerunerunerune series features the following flavors: grape, soda, pineapple x melon, apple, and strawberry shortcake with chocolate sauce. Nerunerunerune is an awesome candy, because of its interesting texture and how you can make it by yourself. It's part of the Kracie Popin' Cookin' DIY series of candies. It's simple to make, and so much fun to eat! It also serves as a mini science project for kids, because of its unique process. To make Nerunerunerune is very easy. Here's a video on how to make it:

But since it's in Japanese, I'll explain it to you in English step by step. First of all, please wash your hands. (It exactly says that both on the package and in the video. Promoting clean hands, hooray!) Afterwards, open the package. When you've opened the package, the contents should look like this:


This is the contents of the package for soda flavored Nerunerunerune. Take off the triangular corner from the white tray and put it off to the side. Next, open the silver package that has the number "1" on it and pour it into the large circle on the white tray.  Then pour water into the triangular part and add it into the mixture in the large circle on the white tray and mix the two together using the plastic spoon. Next, open the blue package that has the number "2" on it and pour it into the large circle. Mix them together until they start changing color and create a fluffy, thick mixture. Lastly, open the red package with the number "3" and pour it into the smaller circle of the character Nerune. Now you can eat Nerunerunerune! Just scoop some of the sticky mixture with your spoon and coat it with the candy bits on the side, and enjoy! It should look something like this:

Now, are you a bit skeptical about Nerunerunerune? Perhaps a bit worried about its wacky colors? You can forget about those worries, because the colors of Nerunerunerune are natural extracts! The red-purple colors are from the leaves of red cabbages. The yellow colors are from the seeds of gardenia. And the blue colors are from Spirulina, a type of seaweed.

But how does Nerunerunerune work? How can it change colors like that? We'd like to say it's magic, but it's actually science at hand! 

In this way, Nerunerunerune is both crazy-fun and educational! This DIY candy makes for a sweet treat. Try your own Nerunerunerune for a magical (or scientifical) time!

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