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Pilot Frixion Stamps

Sun, Mar 6th 2016, 16:12:23

 Japan is a country with a rich stamp history. In Japanese, stamp is 印鑑 (inkan) or スタンプ (literally "stamp"). Instead of signing important documents with pens, the Japanese would use special stamps. They've kept up this culture in modern times, so even to this day the majority of Japanese citizens have their own signature stamp. They've modified and expanded the kinds of stamps available, designing stamps not only with words, but also with pictures! 

The Japanese pen manufacturer Pilot Corporation has produced unusual, extraordinary stamps that you can erase! They're Pilot Frixion Erasable Stamps! 

Pilot Corporation has created a brand of pens they called "Frixion" that are erasable. They've taken this characteristic quality and applied it to their line of stamps. There are 60 versions of these stamps. They come in a variety of colors and designs. Using these rad erasable stamps is effortless, because their special erasers are attached to their containers. When using these stamps, their ink doesn't bleed through to the next page. You can easily erase mistakes you've made with the stamp over and over again. 

These erasable stamps are widely used in Japan. When writing up your schedule in your daily planner, or creating a letter, having these colorful stamps at hand would be very helpful! They have icons that represent different meanings. For example, if it's a stamp of a tooth, that means "dental appointment." If it's a stamp of an umbrella, that means "rain." Of course, what with the variation of stamps and all, it's entirely up to you on how to interpret the meanings of the stamps. Maybe a stamp with a car on it would mean "going for a drive" or  "getting a driver's license." The possibilities are endless! 

Here at J-Subculture, we have a selection of Pilot Frixion Erasable Stamps just for you! Want to add a little color and pep to your papers? Get your own stamp today! There's no need to hesitate to make mistakes now with these great stamps.

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