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Colorata, Nature's Figurines

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COLORATA (the exploration of ecological systems inc.) is the name of a Japanese company in Japan dedicated to creating products in relation to living things and nature. It was first established in 1990 in Tokyo. Its founder, Takashi Nishizawa, found a new species of butterfly while exploring western New Guinea's Arfak mountain range, and named it, "Colorata," along with his new company. Its products were sold in every zoo, aquarium, and other nature-related museums all across Japan. They specialize in making realistic items of animals, insects, and plants. Their figurines and stuffed toys are well sought after. 

Colorata has produced 21 sets of figurines. Each figurine is brightly colored and carefully created to imitate the actual creature as close as possible. Wanting to bring nature and people closer together, while teaching people about the wonders of nature, the figurines are crafted with strong spirits towards a greener world. 

Look at this colorful figurine of a Veiled Chameleon!

And this vibrant Red-eyed Tree Frog!

And don't forget about these adorable Polar Bears!

There's a wide selection of figurines. There are sets of marine animals, tropical rain forest frogs, fresh water fish, dinosaurs, endangered species, and more! Collecting these figurines will spark the imagination in you. You can put them on your desk, arrange them in cases, and even take them with you on the go!

Nature is what holds the earth together. Colorata supports nature groups, and its members work earnestly towards protecting and preserving nature. You can help too, by raising awareness of the beautiful creatures that inhabit our planet. 

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