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Jul 22nd, 21:24:22(JST)

Beer Hour Beer Can Servers!

Tue, Mar 15th 2016, 12:06:12

Takaratomy is not just a Japanese toy manufacturer, this amazing company is also responsible for one of the best inventions ever, the "Beer Hour" beer can dispensers! If you´re one of those people who struggle trying to pour a decent glass of beer from a can, Takaratomy´s Beer Hour Beer Can Dispenser will become one of your best friends!

We can´t afford to go to the bar every day, it´s that simple, but it´ll be nice to recreate those well poured beers at home, but without a proper beer dispenser that´s almost impossible, until today! In J-Subculture we know that you work hard everyday and we want you to have the chance to get a well poured beed when you get back home without spending a lot of money, you just need a beer can and the amazing product we bring you today, Takaratomy´s Beer Hour Beer Can Dispenser! 

Coming in several body colours this dispenser can fit a range of can sizes. The beer hour beer can dispenser will automatically pour the right flow of beer, you just have to control the angle, then you just have to press the button to get a perfect beer foam to make your beer a well poured bar beer. 

We know that foam is a essential part of a beer, but sometimes it just disappear in a few seconds, but now with our foam makers you´ll be able to recover that perfect frothy head instantly. It works with any glass you place on the platform, using vibrations this system will kick up the bubbles and produce a thick head of white and tasty foam on your beer. 

Take a look to our list and don´t hesitate to order your beer server or foam maker, perfect bar beer at home there's never been a better excuse to enjoy a drink thanks to Takaratomy and J-Subculture!  

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