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"Kobito Dukan"

Wed, Mar 23rd 2016, 13:37:15

 What in the world is "Kobito Dukan"??? Well, it was originally the title of a Japanese children's book called こびとづかん which literally translates to "Dwarf Encyclopedia." It was created by Nabata Toshitaka and published in 2006.

This story is about a little boy who went exploring outside. He was searching for the little creatures his grandfather had told him about, the "kobito." The thing is, these dwarfs aren't your usual cutesy magical creatures. If you can't really tell from the book cover itself, why don't you have a closer look at these guys:

Yeah, I know. They're pretty awful looking in terms of children books' characters, right? You've got to admit that you can get used to these kobito though...they can be pretty amusing. They're actually very popular in Japan, so popular that they've got their own line of gashapon, own DS games, and even manipulated the candy industries. Just look at this Kobito Pocky!:

 These kobito fit perfectly in the genre of "kimokawaii." Kimokawaii is a new word that's a combination of きもい (kimoi) which means gross, revolting, ugly (you get the picture) and かわいい (kawaii) which we all know as cute. That's probably the reason why they're so popular here. There are many characters, whose names describe where they like to be or what they like. For example, there's the Little Hanagashira, which has a flower on its head ("hana" means flower in Japanese), Natsunotsumami, which looks like an edamame bean ("tsumami" is what we call little snacks we have while drinking beer), and Benikinokobito, which has a red mushroom top as its head ("benikinoko" means red mushroom). Maybe you can find some Kobito on your own in this picture:

Children aren't much fans of the Kobito Dukan, but they're all the rage among adults. It's kind of hard to believe that, since they're pretty much weird creatures wearing costumes of inanimate objects like peaches, but they kind of grow on you, don't they? Imagine all the fun you can have with these silly, whimsical creatures. Perhaps you can surprise (or scare) your friends haha.


Kobito supposedly live everywhere, in both cities and the countryside. If you look hard enough, perhaps you'll find your own Kobito. Are you a fan yet?

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