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The days are growing warmer and your schedule is getting busier. Being the busy bee self that you are, you're moving all over the place and deep inside, you're longing for a calming, cool sea breeze...

"SEA BREEZE" is perfect for those hot, hectic days! This brand has run in the market with a long history that goes beyond 100 years. It was first created in America as a skin care brand and its current parent company is Shiseido. From the first line of products that were launched in 1902, a traditional recipe has been passed down from generation to generation. This recipe includes the natural use of camphor, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, and clove oil. In Japan, especially during spring and summer, SEA BREEZE products are a must-have! Their top products are their Deo & Water series.

Deo & Water products come in many scents. The ones pictured above are: Peach Cooler, Citrus Fruity, Crush Berry, Soap, Frozen Citrus, Splash Marine, Shiny Aqua and Green Apple. Here's how these Deo & Water products work. They're like the liquid versions of stick deodorants. They come in brightly colored bottles that you must shake well before opening. After you've done that, just pop open the cap, pour some of the water onto the palm of your hands and apply to your skin. It's okay for anywhere on your body except your face. It's recommended for the underarms, neck, back, and anywhere else that has problems with sweat. Deo & Water contain a special powder that helps make your skin smooth after using the product. What is more, the products help to prevent sweat, as well as the unpleasant smells that come with it (you know, BO). The bacteria that are the reasons why we "reek" after sweating are taken care of through these products. You'll be kept dry for a considerably long amount of time, your skin will feel soft and smell nice, and you'll be kept cool through the SEA BREEZE original formula! It's especially popular among busy students that participate in sports and other club activities. You can see commercials for SEA BREEZE often in Japan played by Japanese high school students.

Besides the Deo & Water series, there are other popular products of SEA BREEZE, such as their shampoos, conditioners, and body soap. After a long day of sweaty situations, being able to let it all go down in the shower drain would be nice, wouldn't it? Washing up with these SEA BREEZE products will leave you feeling cool and refreshed! Often times after sweating, our bodies feel kind of gross and sticky. So, using these antiseptic products will help to thoroughly cleanse our bodies. They include menthol, so you'll feel nice and fresh after showering. They're great for people with sensitive skin as well. SEA BREEZE products such as these are essential for the upcoming warm weather.

You don't have to suffer from the heat any longer. Stock up on SEA BREEZE products and you'll be ready for this spring and summer before anyone else. No more embarrassing situations of sweat. You'll always be feeling the sea breeze from now on. 

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