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Jun 16th, 14:08:15(JST)

Itazura Coin Banks!

Fri, Apr 22nd 2016, 20:05:06

Have you got a cat? Be careful then when you discover our amazing and super funny and cute Itazura Kitten Coin Blank, because your poor little cat is going to hate it and probably be jealous of it! This curious and fancy object is, simply, a money box. But it´s not a normal one... 

And if you thought we only like lovely kitties, you are wrong! We have another models of boxes with so many sweet and cuddly pets such as adorable little panda bears, chihuahuas, brown puppies, etc. Their movements are so realistic that you are going to love saving money. It just requires 2 x AA batteries and turns on with a simple on/off switch. Super easy!

Stop asking yourself how does it work, we are going to tell you! We are sure you are going to love it´s simplicity and all of the amusement that brings itself. All you have to do is to put a coin on the top of the box, and suddenly, a small slowly door opens and a mechanical kitten pops out and this small puppy literally "steals" your coin and the goes back again in the box.

If you want your children to learn how to save money and its importance and significance, this is probably one of the best ways to teach it. It´s funny and also educational, and not only for children because… Who doesn´t love to watch a precious puppy helping us to save our money? It will make your adult heart melt! 

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