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Sakura Color Crayon!

Sat, Apr 23rd 2016, 18:10:02

If your kids love to draw and to show you a world of happy and funny colors, you should give them -as a gift- or even to work at their school, our precious and wonderful collection of Sakura crayons. It´s certainly the perfect gift if you want them to increase their imagination and creativity and to help them in learning how to draw and to color their little artworks.

Sakura crayons are specially designed for a super easy and smooth drawing. They all are made with a hight quality and bright colors. And if you want your children not to get dirty while they are playing with the crayons, don´t worry. Any of the Sakura crayons are messy, and your kids won´t get their fingers greasy when using them.

You will find many options too: washable crayons, pastels, square pastels, etc. Specially recommended for small kids, the Sakura washable ones washes off easily with water or a sponge from smooth surfaces such as floors, desks, etc. They are made with an special formula which contains beeswax, and that enables a very fast and smooth drawing.

Another good advantage of all the Sakura crayons is that it is possible to draw on almost every ordinary paper or cardboard. We have lots of sizes of color pencils and different packages (available in 12, 16, 20 and 24-color set). A truly daydream of vivid colors: your children will be able to let their imagination fly with all this cute, useful and fantastic collections!

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