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"Ohashi" For Beginners

Sat, Apr 30th 2016, 13:51:27

 Japan is a country known for its colorful culture. When you come across Japanese culture, you get a full package of eccentric, extraordinary, kawaii and sophisticated culture. They're all so awesome! Here at J-Subculture, we wanna talk to you today about a special item that plays a vital role in Japanese food culture--お箸 ("ohashi"), or Japanese chopsticks. Chopsticks are essential to Japanese food culture, as well as other Asian food cultures. Are you an avid user of chopsticks or do you struggle with them?


 Although chopsticks are simply composed of two long sticks, using them requires a lot of effort (considering that it's absolutely rude to just stick them through food). There are many elements that are involved in the manners of properly using Japanese chopsticks, which makes them much more difficult to use compared to a Western spoon or fork. Here's an image on how to use Japanese chopsticks:

Of course, it's better to actually use the chopsticks instead of relying on some image. If only there was a way to practice using them...

Actually, in Japan, we have what we'd like to called beginner's chopsticks! By using these particular chopsticks, you can get used to the feel of regular chopsticks while honing your skills. A popular brand of beginner's chopsticks in Japan are made by the Japanese company EDISON. They're perfect for both children and adults!

Being able to use chopsticks properly in a huge thing in Japan. Children start to learn how to use them from an early age. It's all part of Japanese style table manners. However, even if one uses chopsticks from a young age, there are still people out there who don't know how to use chopsticks well. So, why not make it into a fun game? In Japan, we have chopstick games you can play to practice using chopsticks! There are many types of games, mostly using cute characters of food, like the one below:

Try out beginner's chopsticks and chopstick games to up your Japanese style eating skills. Once you've mastered the perfect way to use Japanese chopsticks, you won't have to back away from any Japanese dishes ever again. Embrace this tradtional part of Japanese food culture and practice using chopsticks today here at J-Subculture!

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