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Jun 21st, 05:07:59(JST)

Sweet Stationery - Scotch Tape Donut Dispensers!

Wed, Aug 10th 2016, 10:57:10

 Donut or doughnut, however you spell it, is a very popular snack that have a long history. There are many kinds of donuts, such as glazed, rings, filled, and so on. Donuts bring us happiness through their deliciousness. Just open up a box of donuts and instantly the atmosphere of a room changes. Everything is better with donuts!

With that being said, we at J-Subculture would like to introduce you to a different, special kind of donuts:

Don't they look so yummy? They seem perfect for a nice breakfast, along with a cup of coffee, right? However, these aren't your ordinary donuts...

These donuts are actually not donuts at all! That's right, they're actually sweet-looking stationery! These are Scotch Tape Donut Dispensers, made to look like yummy donuts but are actually cases with tape in them. They're great novelty items for any stationery and donut lovers out there. They're simple to use, and you can replace the tape within the cases, so you can reuse this product over and over again!

There are two kinds of these Scotch Tape Donut Dispensers, offered in a original ring shape, and a French cruller shape. They come in lovely colors too, like strawberry pink and caramel. 

Imagine having these Scotch Tape Donut Dispensers on you. They make the perfect fit to any stationery collection you have. Why settle for a boring old tape dispenser when you can have something more fashionable and compact? Here at J-Subculture, we offer these donuts for sale and by auction, so get them while they're hot and out the oven!

Scotch Tape Donuts On Auction

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