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Pokemon Little Tales!

Wed, Aug 17th 2016, 15:59:59


Pokemon comes in so many kinds of designs that it's difficult to keep track of them all. However, this kind of design stands out from the rest. This year, the Pokemon team and stationery designer Shinzi Katoh came up with the most kawaii line up of Poke goods avaliable: introducing Pokemon Little Tales!

Pokemon Little Tales main character is (of course) Pikachu. From Pikachu's view point, we can depart on a small trip to write our own story together, hence little tales. It's about his little adventures, and here he is, all soft and adorable. The line of this design features the cutest Pokemon-themed stationery and dolls you've ever laid eyes on. There are also travel goods such as backpacks, and accessories like hair bands you can adorn to give yourself the look of an urban traveler. The most popular goods are the ones that revolve around Pikachu and his lovely friend. They come in the sweetest pair you've ever seen!

"Have fun with Pokemon friends." Besides the two Pikachus, there are more friends introduced in the line of Little Tales! They've transformed in the style of fairy tale characters, and each Pokemon will lead you on a story book journey. Are you ready to create your own tale? Follow Pikachu and his little friends through the items we have to offer here at J-Subculture!

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