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Mega Evolution Stuffed Pikachu!

Fri, Sep 23rd 2016, 12:52:24

One of the most biggest changes that had taken place in the whole history of Pokemon would be mega evolution. Just think about it for a moment. While the evolution of Pokemon has always been fascinating, it had taken a new level with the introduction of mega evolution. Normally, if a Pokemon would undergo evolution, it would go through some sort of growth process, such as reaching a certain level, or say raising its friendship level with its trainer to a certain point, and so on. Today at J-Subculture, we'd like to introduce you to the topic of a completely new version of mega evolution! For example, take the adorable bunny-like Pokemon Buneary. It evolves into Lopunny when it levels up with high friendship, right? From there, by using a Loppunite (a mega stone specific to Lopunny), you can "evolve" Lopunny into Mega Lopunny! Now, what happens when you take Mega Lopunny and an ordinary Pikachu and put them together?

You get the extraordinarily rare Pokemon, Mega Lopunny Pikachu!

Okay, we can't fool you, because you are all Pokemon masters, so we'd like to make up for our little joke by introducing you to these awesome combinations of your favorite mega evolution Pokemon and Pikachu! We have seven types that were created just this year in July! All the Pikachus are wearing cute ponchos of mega evolution Pokemon. Depending on the poncho Pikachu wears, its style and personality changes completely! Check them out:

While we have legendaries like Diancie and Rayquaza, we also have other beloved Pokemon like the Mega Lopunny we mentioned earlier in this article. Don't they all look so cute in their ponchos? There are even mega stones attached to every poncho to show how Pikachu "mega evolved." You know what would make this group of Pikachus even more cute? You transform them into plushies!

Try collecting your very own group of Mega Evolution Stuffed Pikachus! With their smiley faces and ever-changing dispositions, you can enjoy a variation of Pikachus through their well-made ponchos. Just scroll down for the plushies we have here at J-Subculture!

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