Metacolle (MetaColle) by Takara Tomy - Your hand-sized mini Figure Series. -

May 26th, 10:38:43(JST)

Metacolle (MetaColle) by Takara Tomy - Your hand-sized mini Figure Series

Mon, Oct 31st 2016, 14:17:14

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With this post we like to introduce you to TAKARA TOMY's fine diecast figure collection, the METACOLLE (MetaColle = Metal Collection). TOMY's toy factory is expert in the manufacturing of diecast models of all kinds, as is evident from its traditional line-up of TOMICA car and locomotive vehicle series, including also fictional models of the Disney franchise like CARS, TSUM TSUM and STAR WARS.


What Takara Tomy has been successfully applying to the vehicle product line, it now does in an equal way with these faithfully designed mini humanoid figure series. The sturdy diecast figures are moveable for the arms, the lower back and heads - some also have additional accessory. Their size is in average between 5-10cm depending on the height of the original character, so they neatly nestle in your palm. The metal gives it a robust sensation in your hand and they stand well on their own as you line them up on your shelves or in your display cases.

The size, and so the prices, make it really a fantastic figure series to collect. What is more, as the series expands ever further, all kinds of characters mingle in this tiny MetaColle universe. You will find your favorite MARVEL super heroes standing next to DISNEY protagonists, anime characters such as the POKEMON and EVA units, which you can set against the TRANSFORMERS, as well as STAR WARS characters from both, the FORCE and the DARK SIDE. We are sure many more characters will follow, keeping it diversified and fun for you collectors out there! Moreover, which will be an important point for die-hard fans of Takara Tomy products, is that figures come in Tomy's signature mini boxes. Easy to stack and pretty to display. Really nothing left to be desired - start or expand your MetaColle with us today!


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