Umaibou - Japanese Snack Sticks!. -

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Umaibou - Japanese Snack Sticks!

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The delicious Japanese snack stick, Umaibou! It is just as its name describes. If you break down its name, うまい棒 (umaibou), you have うまい (umai, delcious) and 棒 (bou, stick). This popular Japanese snack stick has been a favorite among all since 1979! It is sold by Yaokin and produced by Riska, right here in Japan. The flavors of Umaibou seem endless, and its popularity overwhelming. Ask any Japanese person about their favorite Umaibou flavor, and they'll answer on the spot. Everyone has their favorite Umaibou flavor, and there isn't anyone out there who hasn't tried this snack stick. Umaibou are bound to be found anywhere, especially in old fashion Japanese candy shops, 駄菓子屋 (dagashiya). These puffed corn sticks are sure to sate both your appetite and heart. 

Some of their most popular flavors are Mentai, Corn Potage, and Cheese. Mentai refers to Japanese marinated pollock roe. The combination of fish eggs and spice brings out a strong, addictive flavor. It's especially popular in the Kyushu region of Japan. Fukuoka (where J-Subculture is) takes pride in mentai flavor. Try it once and you'll instantly fall in love. Corn Potage refers to Japanese corn soup. This flavor of Umaibou is so good that it might even top actual corn potage! Its rich and creamy flavor is a favorite among both children and adults. Then we have cheese flavor that's absolutely cheeeesy. It's similar to Cheetos and is the color of cheddar cheese. Besides regular flavors of Umaibou, there are sweet flavors like chocolate and sugar rusk. There are also variations in the size of Umaibou, like these giant Umaibou pictured below:

Talk about huge right? Nowadays, with Umaibou's vast collection of flavors, there are people who are getting creative with their snacking. Some people crush the Umaibou and sprinkle its contents onto cooked rice or into their soup for added flavor. There are also people arranging the flavorful sticks and making them into something new, like this delicious-looking snack here below:

Umaibou is one of the most popular Japanese snacks that has been loved by all over decades. Through Umaibou, you can fully enjoy the various tastes of authentic Japanese flavors. If you haven't had this snack yet, then you're definetely missing out. At J-Subculture, we have Umaibou snack sticks and goods for purchase and up on auction. Scroll below for these products! Don't let this chance go to waste and end in sole curiosity. Surrender to the deliciousness of Umaibou!

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